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Good Luck Fiery!!!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Iffracem, Jul 28, 2006.

  1. Have a great time, just relax, enjoy and don't stress :wink:

    CYA Monday at Joe's?

  2. All the best !!! Fiery
  3. I failed!

    I am distraught - I failed my DECA course this morning. Long story short, was doing well, loving it, went to my first corner and musta hit throttle and lost it, dropped the bike. Picked it up immediately, was pretty shaken, like shaking from head to toe. Instructor was pissed at me so I got straight back on and kept trying but was shaking and nervous as hell and whole lot of embarassed - stalling, jerky stops. He kept barking instructions at me and telling me he was gonna pull me off cause I was holding everyone up and we were outta time. It was very high pressure and stressy. Every time I just kept trying and certainly wasn't the only person stalling but my nerves were shot. We only had about 15 min time slot to do this rectangular course with stop points. First time on a bike, first time actually moving on a bike much less cornering. The instructor kept on at me about taking too long, slowing everyone down. I just started to get the hang of it, one more slightly jerky stop and he pulled me off and failed me.

    So there you have it, I couldn't feel more humiliated. I thought the course was for people to actually learn how to ride a bike.

    I haven't given up, I didn't even cry till I was up in the office after being failed. Worst part is the instructor said that I should have done the 3hr one on one course first and I was told it wasn't available when I rang to book it.

    Tomorrows another day. :(
  4. Don't let the turkeys get you down. It must have been daunting in the extreme to do a course without EVER having ridden.

    Get back on and do it again, concentrate on YOU and not what people around you are doing.

    And ask for a different instructorl; this one sounds like a right berk..
  5. sounds like a knob, i dunno about DECA itself, but i can strongly suggest HART. try booking a course there, this time of year they have tiny groups with top notch nice and pie instructors.
  6. yeah thanks, it's like I can't get a refund and will have to go back on the bloody waiting list. I am hoping to go into a paddock and in my own time have a go with the gears and stuff. That's what really threw me, not having driven a manual since I was a teen. I am amazed that I wasn't even allowed a couple of minutes to settle myself after coming off - thankfully I wasn't injured but I was in shock a little bit.

    I don't mean to sound like a sook, I just feel so frustrated and embarassed.
  7. waaaaaaaah see post "I failed"
  8. Sounds like you just got a bad instructor - or they could have just been having a bad day. Stick with it, hopefully next time you'll have a better instructor and be able to relax a bit - the test is a whole lot easier if you're having fun than if you're stressing about passing.
  9. Damn ! Sounds like the instructor was an aresehole!... I was lucky enough to be in one of the last stay upright classes, they were gr8. A couple of ladies were in our class and never riden b4 they were very good 2 them. It was a bloke who was almost failed cos he wasn't listening to instruction.

    Hey fiery do you have a bike yet ? If not You can ride my 2 fiddy if you want.... maybe a few of us net riders could get together with you in a carpark somewhere......I'm sure ward 4 would help and jj no doubt.. you also mentioned you knew Mel. Would be a lot less stressful and fun if we were helping you out... ... Confidence is the main killer.....not enough and you will talk yourself into errors... too much and you end up cocky with the same and usually more serious results.

    I f you have a bike 1 of us could ride it to a carpark for you....... Let us know

  10. Fiery...lm sorry to hear of your bad experience with Deca. Dont give up!!..no matter what, and like Hornet said...just concentrate on what your doing, and make sure you do a full weekend course which will help you immensly

    You will do better next time...and will be more prepared :wink: , but give HART a try, they were fantastic with me and l had never been on a bike before...you will be fine :)
  11. Yeah I tried to get in for the 3 hour intruductory course but DECA told me they weren't operating yet. So the instructor said that I should have done it!! I was really enjoying it too, but when I stacked I got nervous as hell from shaking.
  12. This was the full weekend course! I got failed halfway through the first day - mostly becuase I was holding the others up. Hell, I could've done with a few minutes, ciggie break after falling off to calm myself - not be hassled and stressed because the instructor didn't want to go over time.

    I would love some help if anyone has the patience, I have a bike, all my own gear, even a mate with a paddock of sorts.
  13. 1/2 way through the 1st day and they failed you?!!!!

    Without knowing about the course, that seems a bit harsh.

    Some people shouldn't teach. Learning to ride bikes ain't easy.
  14. It isn't an experience I wanna repeat, will get as many tips and as much experience again before I pay through the nose to front up again. It's necessary to do the DECA course and pass before you can sit your L's. I am in serious need of getting drunk tonight I think.
  15. So the Deca course is somewhere where you can learn to ride? And then take a test to allow you to go to your L's? Sorry, don't know the TAS system. If so, that seems really unfair.

    Have a drink on me, you sound as if you deserve it!
  16. thanks! I look down-syndrome from crying - it seems pretty unfair to me too.
  17. oh boo-bloody-hoo

    You failed because you deserved to fail.

    The instructor was not an arsehole at all. Had he given you a licence and you went straight out and killed yourself would the instructor be happy?

    It was a controlled environment and you shat, you panicked, you made mistakes and you went to pieces.

    And you did it around the safety of a perimeter fence.

    Imgine now if you make all of those errors and panicked, fallen over, held traffic up and pissed people off. You may end up as fertilizer.

    Get straight back on the bike, practice like crazy, gain some confidence and try again.

    And as for the "course that you didnt know excuse" ppffttt, what happens when s/he rides around and ends up on a road that s/he doesnt know, the traffic should all stop and wait till you get your shit together?

    Sorry if I appear harsh but you are supposed to be taught to be able to handle your roadcraft "in traffic" not around a basketball court. Trucks, busses, cars, P-platers, grannies with blue hair are not as forgiving as your intructor.

    Good & better luck next time.
  18. Ouch Vic!

    I thought this course was a course to learn how to ride a motorbike and learn what's required to pass a test. If I've misunderstood, fair enough, but if this is what the course is for, then it seems a bit harsh to send someone home.

    I agree in some part of what you say, but how else is someone supposed to learm, seeing as they don't have their L's to even practice on.
  19. Vic is right on the money..

    If you are having troubles in a closed predictable environment going at reduced speeds I think the instructor has done the right thing in failing you. How are you going to manage out on the open roads when the speed is higher and you have to compete with mr. cage.?

    I dont agree however with the way the instructor has come across.. Sounds like he could have been a bit more compassionate and perhaps spent some extra time with you one on one..

    The failure should only be more motivation to get out there and practice. Just relax and get out there ASAP. Goodluck and keep you chin up..

  20. I think your right there, I was told by my instructor that they basically didn't want us to fail. They were prepared to spend as much time (Within reason) as was needed to make sure we/me were prepared for the real world. He also didn't take any sh1t and made sure we knew it!