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Good learner friendly roads around Wodonga?

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by deathdwarf, Jan 6, 2014.

  1. It seems some of these threads are as stale as law n order polikix in Queensland et al. So this is a general current thread so feel free to butt in, digress, whatever.
    I've just bailed from Melbourne for a quieter less frantic locale, in country Vic. I've been riding for about 35 years now, and my better half is just learning from scratch. Right now our rides are at the mechanics getting serviced. But once that's done by Wednesday (fingers crossed) we're looking forward to exploring the roads. Any suggestions of good learner friendly stretches of tar and gravel within a 2 hour radius of Wodonga would be appreciated.

    My current ride, the XV1100 is the outcome of needing to relax, slow down and not be in a racer crouch anymore. Such is age, and be warned whippersnappers, it happens to everyone. Ha Ha Ha lol.
  2. Murray Valley Hwy then to Jinjellic and through to Tumbarumba is a good ride.
  3. 1. Albury - Bellbridge-Bethanga-Jingellic (Cold drink) -Walwa-Tintaldra-Corryong-Tallangatta (Do the Granya gap, both ways) Then home.

    2. Wodonga-Beechworth-Stanley-down to Myrtleford/Yack road- Yackandanda-Wodonga.

    3. Wodonga- Tallangatta- Granya - Jingellic - Tumbarumba (Fuel Up) -Tooma-Tintaldra-Murray Valley Hwy back to Wodonga

    * Clubman rally is trying to relaunch itself at Jingellic hotel this Australia Day weekend, might be worth a ride there and back, if you don't plan to stay.
  4. Murray River Road (rather than MV Hwy), Bethanga and Talgarno Gap Road. Granya to Bullioh is a great ride, but not what I would call learner friendly (save for later). Also Lockhart Gap, Further south: Running Creek to Myrtleford, Tawonga Gap, Omeo Hwy...
    ... OMG I've just wet myself ;)