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good kawasaki dealer/service station

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by abvc, Feb 22, 2007.

  1. Hi guys,

    I am going to buy a GPX soon and looking for a good reccomended kawasaki dealer.

    ps: around south/east melbourne
    Cheers, Thanks.
  2. If your buying new then all i know off the top of my head is brighton kawasaki.(i think :? ). But my advice is to go privately if your not buying new. There are some good deals out there
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  4. My dealings with Brighton Kawasaki to date have been awesomely good. That said I've only ever bought parts there but they always have want I want and find it in a friendly and effecient way. :)
    I've always liked the place, but then I've never dealt with the workshop.

    If all else fails or worries you, head to Mornington and PNUT will look after you. The man can't stop himself from being helpful. :grin:

    That's an honest complement btw, not just looking for a dicounted pipe. :LOL:
  5. I've had nothing but good experiences with brighton Kawasaki over the years. I wouldn't let 1 bad side of a story on a CBR forum put you off them.
  6. Do you want dealer for services or to buy the bike. After my experiences to date i wouldn't say the 2 are compatable.

    If it's to buy ask all of them for price and delivery date and take the best.

    If it's for service, i'm still undecided. I've used the one dealer for service since i got my bike. I have had my up and downs with them.

    I'm about to upgrade so I'm going through the process as well.

    As for kawa dealers, jump on www.kawasaki.com.au and look at the dealer list for Victoria, there are about 6.
  7. hm true. btw i heard good stuff about sharptune kawa
  8. Old thread revival but couldn't find anything newer for Kwaka dealers.

    Just wanted to give big thanks to Albert and the guys at Sharptune Kawasaki for helping me out this morning with no notice.

    Backstory: I have been bike-sitting a friend's 2008 model Z750 for the last 10 days and had to ride home in the pouring rain on Thursday night. Horrible, horrible ride home and my gear was soaked through so i didn't ride it to work on Friday morning but went to meet some friends for coffee last night and the bike had a light misfire. I figured it must have just had some water in somewhere form the night before, took it easy on it assuming it would dry up in the time it took me to ride from Clayton to Mill Park. Still seemed to be there by the time i got there, had my coffee and it started raining again as i left to come home so was taking it quite easy as the roads were greasy as a mofo. Still didn't seemed to have cleared and i was quite concerned for the bike even though it didn't feel like it had lost any power and wasn't having any trouble idling. Didn't get to open it up on the freeway at all due to one lane only on the Monash and bumper to bumper traffic. Not being that familiar with the bike i started noticing all sorts of noises that i wasn't sure if they were there before or not. Got home, did some google searching, couldn't find anything related to what i thought it was doing so resolved to call Brighton Kawasaki this morning to see if they could have a look as my mate gets back on Monday and i don't want to give him back a misfiring bike!

    Spoke to a lovely girl on reception there (sounded hot and rides as well!) and she took notes about the problem and said she'd get one of the guys to give me a call. In the meantime i called Sharptune as well, was advised to get an air compressor and give everything a good blow out and if it was still a problem i could bring the bike down and they'd have a look. Couldn't get access to the folks shed with the air comp cos they've gone away and didn't leave the key so i figured i'd just head down to Sharptune. Bike seemed slightly better this morning but tank was running low so filled that with some nice new 98 on the way in case it was dodgy fuel or something, made no difference.

    Got to Sharptune and Albert had a listen then got one of the guys to take it for a ride (sorry forget his name). He came back, said aside from a fairly normal flat spot down low, slightly exacerbated by the slipon muffler, it all seemed normal and then we kind of figured out what was probably going on. It definitely had a misfire from water in it somewhere initially but we figured due to my not being sure if anything was wrong and raining, i was riding around at lower rpm than normal, pretty much right in the flat spot thus why it felt and sounded a little odd to me, plus me being overly sensitive to noises etc! So 90% organic problem and 10% water problem lol Guys didn't charge me for having a look and making my weekend much more stress free!!

    Still no phonecall from Brighton Kawasaki!