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Good Karma....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by integridad, Sep 26, 2006.

  1. Well - i dont know specifically what it was i did - but it brought me some good karma today with some unusual but more than welcome behaviour from some cagers!

    Riding to uni - nice weather in the morning so left a little early to take a slightly longer way there - and first up came up behind this granny who was driving her mazda at 15k's below the posted speed limit - as I wasnt in a rush whatsover I decided that for once i'd just sit a comfortable distance behind her - not tailgating, not overtaking, not flashing, just sitting. Next thing I know she moves half off the road and waves me through! First time its actually happened on the bike without "encouragement" from myself! :wink:

    About 5 mins later - exactly the same sort've deal happens!!! ANOTHER CAGE MOVES TO THE LEFT for me with no encouragement WHATSOEVER!!! WTF is going on?! Later on in the trip - I was playing cat and mouse with the lady who had her daughter in the back - im guessing she was about 5 or 6 - anyways, the instant she saw my bike a smile beamed onto her face and started waving like a crazy girl - so as you do - i gave her a big wave back and returned the beaming smile! We cruised next to each other and the entire time this girl did not take her eyes off my bike, or get the smile off her face once nor did she even stop smiling!!! GEEZ - that put me in the best mood for the rest of the day and I couldnt stop thinking about when i was a kid and wanted a bike soooo much, that i'd stare at every single one that I saw!!!

    Anyways, thats my ramble about a feel good story that got me in a sweet mood for the day - does anyone else ever have this amount of karma all in a 30min block?
  2. Dont believe I had me as much karma as you, but today a bus that had ample time to pull out from the side road in front of me decided to wait for me to travel up and past - so I gave him a thank you wave :grin:

    Wish I could say the same courtesy was extended on a different road from a truck that reversed without looking tho ! yiikes
  3. Didn't you get teh memo, it's be nice to bikers week. :) :grin: :)
  4. That's definitely got to make your day :grin:

    Wouldn't it be great if this became normal behaviour? :LOL:
  5. geez - missed that one LPC - id better be sending out some emails to some government departments here in Canberra to let everyone know!!!

    I'd be great if this became the norm - but something tells me it aint happening.... :cry: anyhoo!! Im still smiling :grin:
  6. i think i have bad karma.

    monday night left work at 2am, was deciding whther or not to taxi it home as i had had a long weekend, not been home since 1pm on the previous friday, in the end decided to ride and for some reason after slowing to 95km/h to pass the last of 3 fixed speed cameras on my way home i ended up going through it at 115km/h (i think). have no idea why just remember looking at the speedo as i crossed the little lines on the raod and saw 115.
    then this morning my fender eliminator came in the mail, so i get a 2 weeks of rding my bike showing off my new rear end before i recieve a letter in the mail telling me my license has been revoked. boo.
  7. I've had a peak hour trip home where every car literally pulled out of my way so I could split through. I could have just about fit through in a small car! Sure I geared down so they'd hear me coming, but it was most polite of them.

    Breno, Breno... poor Breno ...that's so sad!
  8. Yeah i don't quite think it is karma in my case, but for some reason when people HEAR me coming up behind them they all just seem to move out of the way. :) Scrambles will testify. :)

    So where some people have karma I just use some loud Yoshi pipes. :)
  9. Just love it when the children spot you and wave and make the trip enjoyable....

    Now in order to ensure that this purple patch continues, you've got to be nice to the cars, OK???
  10. I made sure I gave way to a bus this morning, which I had to admit was indicating, I was not in a hurry and the traffic was light and the weather was too good to hurry.
    Gave me a wave so was all good.
  11. You are not talking about the M1 outbound yesterday, are you? Shocking bumper to bumper from burnley tunnel to god knows where.. I decided to get off at high st and take the 60s instead..

    I've noticed most truckies are top blokes.. saw me coming thru filtering on the side.. make more room and waved me to pass thru.. I gave them a thumbs ups as I rode pass... :LOL:
  12. I was actually remembering back to when I had my old bike with the aftermarket exhaust. My new bike doesn't have that and I can't seem to get loud enough!
  13. Ok, Mr Hornet. :)
  14. I'm still like that :oops: whenever I filter to the front and there is another bike there I need to remind myself that it's rude to stare.

    Only been riding a few weeks, I wonder if this will wear off.
  15. Ahhhh, it never wears off. :)
  16. i tend to get alot of this, not sure if its the perth crowd or what. in most cases when im out and about and if i am on a 2 lane road i get cages moving to the left lane to let me through. ofcourse, a wave or thumbs up follows from me.
  17. I can testify from the other side of the story, having driven the old cage for around 6 years off my L's, I've always been particularly conscious of bike riders (because I've always wanted to be one). So I'll always give them as much space as possible on the road and I always keep an eye out in blind spots to make sure I'm not being snuck up on. One particular incident was at toorak rd/citylink intersection where after crossing the lights and being banked up to the next set of lights, a biker with a pillion was trying to get in, so I pulled over as much as the lane would allow, to let him past. He thanked me with a wave and off he went.

    It's not hard to be conscious of riders when you're caging it around, but you *do* have to be conscious. The problem is most people just don't look. I had a door opened into me on glenferrie road when I used to push-bike around, and I went straight over the handlebars. I nearly picked the bike back up and threw it at the stupid b!*&h.