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Good jacket for summer? under $300

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by mr_roboto, Mar 6, 2008.

  1. So I'm looking for a jacket for summer, only want to spend 300.

    What's out there?
  2. I got myself a Rjays Octane jacket based on a few peoples recommendations on this forum.

    It is a great jacket for warm weather, really well vented, comes with a waterproof liner as well.

    Think it goes for around $210.

  3. +1 I love my Octane Jacket
  4. For a good textile summer jacket you can get some fantastic all weather jackets where the liners come out and leave u with a good mesh jacket. Then come winter u also have a warm, WP jacket too.
    I've been researching these for a while. Probably best know one is the DriRider Climate Control. Then there is the Icon Seismic, A* T Magnum, RST Ventilator, and I think Dainese have one too. The T Magnum is the only one that is normally more then $300, but I know BikeBiz have them on sale recently.
  5. I love my Dririder Rallycross jacket.
    Zip out water/wind proof liner, zip out winter thermal liner, and its got a pocket for a camelback bladder too, great for riding in the heat.
    (camelback bladder comes in the accessory kit, which includes the winter liner, and extra heavy duty CE armour along with the bladder)
  6. Ive also got Rjays Octane jacket, so far so good. It looks good, and fits well. Haven't had any experience with other brands sorry but from what i noticed so far the octane is a good jacket and would get my recommendation.
  7. i got my dririder climate control 2 jacket for 250... its quite similar to Caz's jacket except the missing camelback bladder :]

    when i was buyin my gear i saw the rjay octane... loooked pretty good and its only a low 200ish dollars?
  8. Grumpy's here in Adelaide has the Rjays Octane for $165, but I'd love to know where I can get a Dririder Climate Control 2 in 2XL for under $300.
  9. IXON Sismic is a great Summer jacket when the liners are taken out and a great winter jacket when liners are put back in.

    I have one, the style is getting a bit dated though
  10. I think the Ixon Carbonic jacket is the best value, it is vented for summer and has a removeable waterproof quilted liner for the not so summer days..... $259
  11. It retailsfor 300... but i picked mine up for 250 at one of the pro-motorcycle shops. however, i think the pro shops are only in queensland. I guess you could always try going into shops and asking if they would drop the price a bit?
  12. I picked up an Ixon Hacker for about 165. V nice summer jacket and very cool.
  13. Yeah I ended up getting one a while ago.

    Dririder mesh or whatever, $180
  14. Rivet Monsoon
  15. Does anyone know if the liners that they sell separate for the dririder jackets are warm enough? Riding in the evening it gets cold these days, and its too cold to wear this jacket. Would it be ok with the liner?
  16. just wear a hood jumper under mate. save yourself a few bucks :)
  17. lol... i might actually be wearing the jumper aswell as the liner cos i feel the cold pretty bad