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good internet sites for gear?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by GForce, Jan 30, 2006.

  1. can someone help me out here. i am trying to find some sites that sell motorcycle gear in australia.

  2. Why limit yourself to Australia? Quite often it's cheaper to order it direct from the USA and you typically have much more variety to choose from.
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  4. Have you not noticed the banners on this site.

    Keep a look out for them, you may save some money :)
  5. gear, as in clothing?
    or u talking about bike accessories?

    BTW, like ya nic :LOL:
  6. im after riding gear.
    i have thought about buying gear from overseas but the main concern is if there is a problem with it, how do i return it and how long would that take.
  7. Thats one of the pitfalls with buying from o/seas. I'll post some aust
    links for ya
  8. You will ensure that what isnt in the links directory you will add? :grin:
  9. New Enough International!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Man fcuk buying from Aus. I bought Teknic violator gloves for AU$180 DELIVERED, bike biz wanted $230 not including postage. Also got Oxtar TCS Evo Ti boots DELIVERED for AU$330 , bike biz wants $400 not delivered. Came from the US took about 2 weeks from when ordered, and i got em separately so probably saved on postage if done together. Very professional place they sent me emails updating me with the status of my order regularly. When it comes to this stuff the yanks are on the ball:


  10. Oh yer and everything they sell they review too, tell ya how it will fit, strong points, draw backs etc.... its a goldmine i tell ya, pity they dont stock dainese.

    If u want dainese go here: http://www.sondel.co.uk/store.html

    My mate saved $225 (He paid $775 delivered) for a Kirishima jacket. Unfortunately they didn't have the Bora in my colour so i had to go to Peter Stevens and get raped the full $1250 for it...