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Good idea or am I getting slightly ahead of myself?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Not4Resale, Sep 28, 2008.

  1. Right-e-o, now I have recently acquired my unrestricted ticket and have decided that it's time to go shop-about. I'm sure some of you may have read a previous post on NR about a week back....

    but yeh, after looking about for a bit, I had a look at a VTR 1000. Checked her over, absolutely gorgeous, little scuff mark on the side of the mirror but nothing too worrying. Kicked her over and yes it was as great as the fables go! Grumbled so deeply that I felt an instant urge to straddle and ride her long and hard. I was in love... I took it for a test ride (my first time on a litre bike) and after a few seconds of nervousness, I gave it half a twist and drooled as that sweet sweet machine roared and dragged me up the street. I brought it back feeling like more of a man than ever. This however is just the lead up to the question I have for you all.

    On my 250 I was sensible almost all the time. I was constantly aware of the fact that I could be sliding across the tarmac if I got a little too excited and confident. The thing is though, I don't know if a machine of this magnitude will take away my good samaritan behaviour. I think tiny stints of stupidity are a good allowance to make but can I get some advice and personal stories of people who jumped straight onto a litre bike. Does it turn you into a demon or once you get used to it do your usual habits kick back in?

    Would you guys recommend stepping up to something slightly smaller first? I won't sit here and preach as if I'm captain safety because I genuinely don't know how I will react with something like that to play with. I fell in love with the roar and really wouldn't like to see myself on anything else but i would like to know what you guys think, obviously at the end of the day I'll probably make the stupid irrational decision but hopefully hearing about some experiences could sway me toward the smart choice.

    Thanks in advance
  2. You have a hand. Use it.
  3. Maybe try test riding a few of the smaller equivalents like a Suzuki SV650.

    Only you know you well enough to answer that question comprehensively.

    I would vote you get a 600-ish first. Then get used to that, and upgrade to a litre bike a little later on.
  4. it has probably less power than most 600cc sports bikes,so you should be fine.. if you love it get it! :grin:
  5. I went from a 250 to a GSX750F and now a SV1000S and the sound of the big V really makes you twist that throttle heheh

    I never feared for my license on the GSX750F... but on the Sv, it's a diff story...
  6. I'd be less concerned about you upgrading to a 1000cc V-Twin than a 1000cc/4; there's a big difference.

    But like nakkas wisely observed, the answer lies in your right hand. If you are careful and 'play yourself in', so to speak, there's no reason why you should have any troubles. You sound like you've been cautious and careful on the 250; why would you change?

    Follow your heart in the purchase and your head once you have it.
  7. yep i consider my 1000 twin goes about as hard as a i4......but yeah leaving turns (even the ones you screw up) is still good fun, the torque is just unreal to ride :wink:

    and yes, i know i don't mind listening to my bike hmm on the odd outing. :wink:
  8. Yes. To add a little more to this; The Firestorm has roughly the same number of horses as a 10yo 600cc inline 4. Torque and power delivery might be a different matter though. Both machines will do silly speeds, mono and break traction. So if the firestorm floats your boat (and if it does I can understand) then I say go for it, but take a little bit of time to get to know it before hammering it.
  9. Brilliant! :grin:

    Great advice guys, I'm going to keep test riding and looking at a variety over the next few weeks but I'm pretty sure I'm in love with that thundering roar. I appreciate the input as I have not ridden a large variety of bikes and was sure there would be a few people here that would be incredibly helpful....and there was! :p
  10. Huh?

    03 Firestorm: 110.00 HP
    03 cbr600rr: 105.4 hp

    The storm will deliver torque obviously ALOT lower down than a 600cc.

    The twins are very user friendly in terms of not having to be in the exact right gear. However, I'm not so sure the i4/v2 argument is always right... with a 1000cc i4 you can just stay in high gears and the power is very smooth and predictable, whereas on a 1000cc vtwin the power comes on quickly at low rpm..

    You say you're sensible, so no issues with a big bike at all. Everyone gets the urge to open it up sometimes. On a 250 it makes alot of noise but doesn't do alot, on a big bike you suddenly are doing 200.
  11. Like a fighter jet made out of biceps!!
  12. ... there's your answer :wink:
    As others have said, You have a 'go-meter' in your right hand, use it wisely IMHO & enjoy :)
  13. As someone that just do exactly that, I found my jump from VTR250 to SpeedTriple 995i is not that big of a issue.

    Let me explain. First both are naked, so there is no major seating/body position change. The linear power of twin/triple is not that scary. I actually stalled my bike when I try it as I have this concerned that the bike is sooooo powerful that I need that little bit of throttle only. Well, not really. But I've been riding sensibly while I get used to it.

    My biggest issue is that I now need to be conscious of how I park and stop as I can only tip toe and this beast weight a ton. But that aside, she is as easy to ride as my VTR250. And yes, she doesn't turn as easy as VTR250 cause of the weight. I need to man-handle it but that maybe because I haven't get used to her; I don't dare to lean that far...

    Cruising at 60 or 70 is just 2500 rpm. Now that is totally different from VTR250....
  14. Yep?

  15. Dude, I pretty much skipped my GSXR600 pretty quickly for the VTR, and I've never looked back! I ride everyday so it's a bit more upright which is good for my ordinary back. But the power delivery is much smoother, it's hard to get in trouble, its just a matter of getting off the throttle when you realise you're over the limit already!! Much less revvy than the sports bikes, much more torque, its like a V8 almost, effortless in power delivery but has the horses on deck when required.

    In short - DO IT!
  16. I don't understand the "huh?"

    05 firestorm 110HP
    05 600rr 117hp

    The firestorm is a great next bike. It'll be no scarier than a late model 600 supersport bike, which accelerate from 80km/h to no licence in 12months VERY quickly. And also being that it's a popular model and been around for a while, there are plenty of aftermarket parts for them, plenty of forums to troubleshoot with, and after 2001 (i think) they fixed the small fuel tank issue.
    It really is a gorgeous design
  17. Those peak power number comparos are almost useless in this instance, though, because a 600 I4 has a tall skinny power curve and a 1000 V2 has a broad flat one. It's true they peak around the same place but the area under the curve (usable power across the rev range) for the V2 is way bigger.

    So yeah, I concur with the majority, I think: the Firestorm is an awesome bike, and if your history on the 250 is riding with appropriate respect for your skills, the situation and your surroundings there's no reason that should change on the 'storm. You will need to keep an eye on the speedo though, both for license-keeping reasons and because you might find you're heading toward corners a lot quicker without necessarily realising it.

    Show some self control and you'll be fine - and have a heap of fun together.

    (PS May want to get an insurance quote before making a final decision)
  18. After 7yrs of not riding (rarely rode prior to that) i went out and bought myself a Firestorm. I ride every day to work. It's a piece of cake in traffic. Good position, lots of low down grunt, loud, everything you could want!

    Compared to my other bikes i'd say the Firestorm encourages a nice 70-80 around town. I never feel obliged to go for a land speed record. So in that respect i think it's a very safe choice of bike.

    If you got yourself a supersport you would turn evil very bloody quickly LOL :twisted:
  19. I concur with Bravus. But will add;
    The storm will be very quick to the nearest servo. Fuel range can be an issue.
    If that's the sort of bike you're after, score a ride on an SV1000 if you can and there are plenty of other V2 machines.
    Compared to your 250 most bikes will put a smile on your face. The available power and torque you have available at legal speeds will be much greater on the V2.
  20. hey mate just recently did the very same transition 250 bandit to a storm. I test rode 600cc sport bikes they have got about the same at the top but they are just a pain to ride slow (no power down low) so you just wanna rev the nuts off it and I guess thats what they were designed for. The storm will get you from 0-I'm sorry officer HOW FAST!! pretty quick but when you wanna cruise just let the v-twin torque carry you along (mind you thats still easily quicker than the 250 :grin: I short I love my storm