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Good Honda Service Northern Suburbs Melb

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Arik, May 19, 2006.

  1. Other than Redwing, who I won't be going back to,
    anyone know of a good Honda mechanic for my little VTR?

  2. Gassit Motorcycles
    81 station st


    Ask for morris

    Good service, no frills and no price tag like redwing or PStevens
  3. Closer to home too.
    Nice one Rom Rom
  4. Just a quick question: what's the reason you won't be going back to Redwing?
  5. They installed my pipe without tightening the header clamp - bike stalling etc - "they do that with the staintune - needs rejetting".


    and sold me a hornet screen for my VTR.
    then told me I was a dickhead for not being able to fit the hornet screen.
    I have a 2 strikes policy.
  6. Looks like I wont be taking my VTR there for a major service then....
  7. As said earlier, Gassits have a great reputation.

    Also, Stafford Yamaha (couple of doors down from Redwing) are fantastic. I use them whenever I need a Mechanic. I bought a Honda there once and took it back a few times for work (always impressed with the service) so I know they like em. :)
  8. Interesting how so many people have different experiences with different bike places: the one time I took my bike to Stafford I decided I wasn't taking it back. It was the first service I had any experience with and I remember I wasn't overly impressed to begin with and decided to try somewhere else.

    It was only after the second service that I realised they hadn't changed the brake fluid at all (despite slogging me for the labour and fluid). I have no idea what else they didn't do. Now that Pete the Pom isn't servicing bikes anymore (at least last time I called) I tried Redwing and while they got it back to me the day after they said they would I thought they did a reasonable job.

    They made a point of calling me to ask if I minded that if it was back the next day (I didn't) and then did the job well and at a reasonable cost. I guess it wasn't more than competent really but for minor work at least I wouldn't mind recommending them to others.

    What are the other options in the north that people have had experience with?
  9. :evil: :evil: :evil: nuf said.
  10. I took my Blade, upon a mates suggestion, to

    C&C motorcycles in Thomastown

    A long way from me but not that far for some.

    Run by the Wolfendons who used to run Honda race teams (I think) and work o/s with Garry McCoy in GPs. I though this was all b/s but they have signed posters and pics in the workshop. Really nice guys.

    Very happy with service, just wish they were closer.