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Good Honda mechanics Brisbane - HELP!

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by mar100, Aug 4, 2005.

  1. Hi All,

    I have had a tough time with my VFR 800. It's done a few Km's (80,000Km's in fact), but still, it's a great bike and I'd like to keep it going. I'm looking for a good mechanic in Brisbane to get this bike serviced properly. I have had a nightmare with several big Honda dealerships up here (unprofessional). The first place took about a week and a half to fix a charging problem, had to take it back about 3 times. They eventually gave me a loan bike but that turned out to be unregistered uninsured and had cancelled plates. The cop that pulled me up was nice but still wrote out $500.00 in tickets (I had to transfer the fines to Honda by going to the police station etc..). They (Honda - Ipswitch Rd) were apologetic about it and offered to bring my bike around to my place and pick up the other loan bike. When they came over they had brought over the wrong VFR so I had to double back with the mechanic to get my bike. The loan bike then sat on the street for about a month before I pushed it into my garage (blokes were eyeing it off). Honda eventually picked it up. Never heard anything about the loan bike or the fines, the fact that it was unregistered, uninsured etc etc...Nothing. Obviously I never went back there.

    I recently had another service done - a major one after a trip to Sydney and back....thought I better get the valves checked. The engine was sounding a little rough and had developed this ticking sound. Also needed new chain and sprockets. I took it to another Honda place, this time in Windsor. The service cost $1000.00. Basically a major service plus chain and sprockets. Anyway, they tell me that I need a new thermofan switch because the fan is not kicking in at all.....this was never a problem I said, the bike has never been over 113 degrees, even in summer going up Mt Mee stuck behind a truck.....anyway, I let them replace it. I get the bike back and notice that it's running hot (in winter at night)......110....112....113...114 degrees.... I call them to say it's never run that hot ever and they tell me it's ok, they can run that hot. I still was not happy so I took it back. They told me that it was fine so I went away again. That weekend I had it anywhere between 110-121 degrees in winter (maximum temp). Found out that the fan was kicking in at a range of temperatures and if it kicked in too late it could not cool the bike down. I took it back again (twice now - I have to work, this is pissing me off) and they basically went back though all the wiring and "guess what it works"....Kicks in at about 104-106 degrees like it always did. Anyway aside from that after the service the bike is harder to start in the morning without full choke. It idles like shit until it has fully warmed up. The engine does not sound great and it feels like it actually needs another service.......so much for $1000 bucks.

    The only place the bike has been serviced properly was the Old Shogun Honda in Springwood. I had the valves done (Major service) and it was brilliant. Now that it's Team Moto you never get to speak to the mechanic and I'm not sure who the guy was that did such a good job...If I did I would go to him.

    Please help if you can. I feel I need to at least get the bike looked at again because I have no faith in the work done by the last Honda guys.

    Any recommendations? I have had bad experiences with most of the Honda places around here.

    Cheers :x
  2. Hey Mar100, glad to see you've come in for a look. Like I said elsewhere there are a few northerners in here who should be able to help. If not I can give you the Aus VFR site link, but I think you already have it?

    A question to anyone who knows, can you take a shop to the ACCC or similar for charging such a ridiculous amount and for less than excellent work?
  3. Hey there Deyago,

    Yes, hopefully someone can give me some good advice. I posted on the Oz VFR site as well so we'll see. Forums are a great way to reach a whole heap of people so something should come up. Lots of useful info here too.

    Cheers mate :D
  4. Sounds like you need a good mechanic, not simply a Honda mechanic.
    There must be a small shop up there with a good rep, finding ot though may be difficult.
    Regarding the thermo switch it is very easy to unplug one connector and run a manual switch inbetween this and the fan, that is what I did, and as soon as i was caught up in traffic or travelling slow in warm weather I would switch it on, worked great.
  5. go to bogaarts cycletune in logan road, just up from morgan and whacker. 3219 9777.
    tell him tanya with the black zx6 sent you. He fixed my yamaha and works on my kwakka, cheaper then the big guys and looks after you and the bike really well :)
    alternatively, heard good thing about MMM motorcycles in moss st :)

    either of these two and you can't go wrong.
  6. Bogaarts: Good choice

    Thanks for the advice Tanya. Tony Bogaarts was great. He really seems to know his stuff. Takes a while to get in there because he's so busy but worth it. Also takes the time to talk to you which is always an important thing if you ask me. I ended up going back to the other Honda place and had a word to the owner of the business about the bikes last service. He was really nice and really professional and gave me a refund on the cost of the service done by Tony (who reckoned that the throttle bodies had not been balanced and tuned properly).

    Anyway, the bike is all good and I'm happy with how things have turned out.

    Cheers all :D