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good helmets?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by vil13, Mar 18, 2007.

  1. what are some good helmets in the market in the price range of $250-$400 and what features should i really be looking at in a helmet ???

  2. first, ensure that you can fit your head in to it.
    second, ensure that you have vision to the front of you with helmet in place.

    BTW, how long IS a piece of string??
  3. +1 Joel for the fit.

    Your helmet shoud fit well, as in not shake around on your head when you put it on and do it up. That amount of dollars will aim you towards the middle class department, it should get you a fairly decent helmet. It might not be the lightest thing going around, but will definetly save your noggin.
    Check out http://www.actionmc.com.au/ they have thier Shark helmets all discounted at the moment (eg. $800 down to $400), but thats if they fit right for your head :wink:
  4. 1. Something that will save your head.
    2. Something comfortable.
    3. Something that looks cool, if you're a poser.
    4. Airvents etc are nice, keeps your head cool and lessens the fog on the visor, on cold days.

    Two times the length from one end to the middle.
  5. My advice, is to try as many on as you can. When I first went shopping for a helmet, I was very surprised at the variation in the actual shape, not size, of the helmets inner shell/lining.

    You will find that regardless of the price, colour, brand etc, some helmets will simply just feel better on your noggin. My advice is to choose that one. You'll be glad you did after a few hours on the road. No matter how cool/bling it looks at the end of the day, it's about safety and comfort....
    Or maybe I'm just getting old?!? :?

    Most brands have a helmet within your price bracket, so finding one that fits shouldn't be too much of a drama.
  6. Also make sure it is a very snug fit. The padding will compress slightly initially, so keep this in mind when trying them on.

    A good salesperson will help you find the correct fit.
  7. Seconding what Wedge said, drop into Action in the city and try a few on, see what you like...I got a decent shark for $249, down from $449, mine was a little tight on the cheeks first, now a little less so...that's just over two weeks ago, so they do loosen up a little.
  8. thanks guys. i might head down to actionmc 2moro in the city ! hopeuflly they still have some bargains on. im defintely looking for a helmet with good anti fog hopefully...as i had bad experience in the rain this afternoon

  9. Things i look for: fitting, construction, lining (removable?), brand backing and reputation, price, colours, accessories (visors?).
  10. How much is your head worth??
  11. true but even the 'best' helmet wont save you from mr ken worth.
  12. Comfort


    Not noticing that you're wearing it

    This list produces a different RESULT for every rider.
  13. If you shop around a bit you'll find some of the big name brands that sell for around $1000 as low as $400.

    It won't be the latest colour or their newest design, more likely it will be a discontinued colour or design, but it will protect your head just as well as the latest colour does.

  14. I got a 2006 Arai helmet for $400 last week. Discounted from $750 odd. It was on a whole other playing field compared to the rest of the <$400 market. It was a single colour, but that shouldn't bother anyone on a budget.
  15. +1 for the fitting properly
  16. Im currently looking for one around the 400 mark.
    I think im tossing up between the agv stealth, shoei tz-1 or maybe the kbc vr2.
    Anyone else know a good helmet for this price range.
  17. If your doing long distance riding, a lighter helmet is nice. That said, fit is important, with any piece of equipment, across any sport, fit is key. Helmet cant save you if its not on your head.
  18. I just bought a Shoei XR1000 Dia 3. Most places sell the XR1000 range for ~$800 but i got it for $700. Shop around and dont be afraid to haggle. If they mark the price at $500 offer them cash and see if they will do it for $400 if not dont be affraid to walk because you can put that 100 to something else.

  19. I'd recommend spending as much as you can on a helmet, although not if you're just paying extra for a flashy paint job. (Unless you want a flashy paint job of course :grin: )

    You do only get the one head after all.
  20. look for a DOT Snell approved sticker ... mine is HJC CL-14 sword its damn light too...