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Good helmet cam?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Popollo, May 6, 2012.

  1. Does anyone here any suggestions on a good helmet cam? I'm just looking for something basic that doesn't costs a ton of money but at least can capture a good ride.

  2. go pro.

    good thread would read again.
  3. Go Pro or Contour HD.

  4. Search the threads there's one thread that covers alot of info on these... On tapatalk so I cant link it for you.
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  6. I have a Contour Roam and its Awesome! I got mine for $220 locally, but you could probably get one for cheaper overseas like on amazon etc. Excellent video quality, and takes more than 4 hours of 720p HD video on the stock settings (I know it can do more but I haven't been on that long a ride since I bought it :p )
    Oh and its waterproof
    probably the best bang for your buck name brand HD action cam around without going for chinese cheapies (Y)
  7. gopro are better, but more expensive - also more awkward for helmet side-mounting.
    they do have better mounting options for on the bike though, and you can attach them to the chin part of the helmet for a more accurate 'point of view' shot.

    i have a gopro hero2
  8. Only thing stopping me from getting a GoPro is that I think it look goofy on a helmet.
  9. drift HD has nice form factor for mounting on a helmet, I glued a mount on to my tinted visor which I wear on weekend rides so I don't have to have the mount there all the time. Although with my new commute to work I'm thinking about riding it with it every day, seen some ridiculous things so far.
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    it does, especially with a side or top mount - seen this?
  11. Theres a new Drift camera, 720 hd obviously it doesn't record up to 1080 like the other cameras on the market, and it's around $200 I think. Less bulky than the gopro as well and a lot cheaper than that.
    Don't know what your budget is, thought I would mention it.
  12. Got a Contour Roam last week and tested it this morning. I like the build quality, mounting options, and simplicity. However...not happy with the audio at the moment. I recorded a ride to work this morning and once things get too noisy...all I hear is a scratching noise and not my engine. A friend at work tested it just sitting at his desk talking in a soft voice and it didn't get picked up. Hopefully I can remedy these problems.