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Good god, how shite is Windows Vista?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Loz, Feb 6, 2008.

  1. I'd heard the stories, but I didn't realise how bad this OS was until I got this new laptop... Here's what I've come up against in the last 3 hours:

    1) Approximately 1 million "are you sure?" messages
    2) Vista won't read any of my USB keys
    3) MSN messenger doesn't work (!?!?!?!! IT'S YER OWN F*CKING PROGAM YOU C*NT!) and the system can't seem to find half of the 10 dll files it expects me to manually register in order to fix the problem.
    4) Internet explorer has crashed three times
    5) Bluetooth won't recognise my nokia phone, and the new hardware wizard keeps on retardedly searcing the PC for solutions
    6) This machine should hammer, it's a brand new 2ghz dual core with 2gb ram, but it's slow as hell and at no time does the memory usage meter drop below 1gb.

    etc etc etc

    Holy shit, what have I got myself into? XP was bloody annoying, but Vista is making me want to chuck this f*cking machine out the window! And the net tells me this laptop's chipset's not much chop for Ubuntu either...

    I hope this is merely a teething issue, 'cos the whole fecken unit's going back to trade in for another Mac if I can't get my head around it quick smart.


  2. The curse of version 1!

    A PC shop in Hornsby has a sign out the front:

    ALL our PCS ship with XP-Pro: Vista isn't good enough yet.

    Directly underneath is their "Official Microsoft Partner" sign.

    And just wait till you try and network it......
  3. Sorry, make that 4 IE7 crashes and a windows explorer crash. It's hard to keep these figures up to date.
  4. Don't know what you've done then. Once you turn of the "R U SURE?" alerts, the only issue I have had is that iTunes wouldn;t read my iPod shuffle anymore. But Apple's latest iteration may have fixed that.
  5. There's your solution mate ;)
  6. +1 to that.... mine runs fine, i even have it on the work pc, and it does read keys off usb, cos the 3d modelling program i run at work using one, it's also seem faster then xp, imo best op system since 98 sec ed
  7. To be fair, thats not just on vista :LOL:

    I hate vista.. when customers ring up with a problem and they say 'yeah I have vista', I get rather depressed. All the locations of settings and controls are moved for NO REASON OTHER THAN CHANGE (and to shit me). + the basic version of vista is plain old retarded, its mac like in stupidity.
  8. I just got a new notebook too but i made sure it was windows xp.

    Check with your supplier cause i think you can change some vista notebooks to xp.
  9. Hey Loz, have you gone to Windows Update and downloaded everything you can?

    I havent had too many probs with Vista so far (had it on this PC for 1 year), but i do agree it makes a beefed up machine seem a little dull.
  10. They have done this with the Office suite as well. For a fair few previous versions everything was around about the same place and you could upgrade without retraining. There was just more features if you wanted to learn how to use them. But with Office 2007, they have totally redesigned everything. I'm fairly intuitive with computers but I am still struggling with 2007. I don't like it at all.
  11. I love Vista, not had any of the problems you've had Loz.

    As for the 'Are you Sure', they're damned if they do and they're damned if they don't. Even if you leave it on, once you've installed all your stuff, it doesn't come back unless you make changes. I leave it on as it's another line of defence against programs wanting to make changes you weren't aware of.

    Are you sure you've not got the 64bit version? Running 64 bit if you don't need to is still a journey into the unknown.
  12. I hate Vista with a passion.

    It is a resource hog (makes a quad core with 4gb of RAM seem sluggish!).
    It is less stable than XP (even with the updates installed).
    Drivers still aren't available for lots of equipment.
    They've shifted stuff around for *no* reason.
    It doesn't play nice on mixed networks with other OS's.

    Do it Loz, go and get an Apple. I love my new iMac 2.4GHz dual core :)
  13. Yeh well I've got an apple iMac dual core running OSX and it... Just... WORKS. And an old desktop running XP that's faster than this pile o' bollocks. I'm giving it 2 days and then going looking for old XP install disks.
  14. Near Gosh!

    You write for a new technology blog and use IE instead of Firefox?!?!?!?

    Loz, Loz, Loz, Loz, Loz... where do we begin?
  15. And the problem with this is????
  16. I still don't get this.

    It took me 30mins to suss Vista out. What is so different that you can't find it anymore?
  17. are you able to run osX on the laptop? if you can, then get parallels:

    you can run windows through vitualisation at 97% efficiency...

    you'll get the best of both worlds... plus you *might* get more stability depending on what the chipset is virtualised to...
  18. You hsving a hard time uding vista while I'm loving my new toy ASUS Eee with Xandros. It is a little kick ass machine, perfect for the bike as it weights less than one kilo and I am yet to find something that I need when on the move that this baby doesn't do for me.

    I could even make it run windows xp but why should I ruin a perfectly working machine?

  19. Loz, I can intro you to someone who will throw it into Moonee Ponds Creek. That will fix the farqueur.