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Good Gear Guide {AUS}

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by TonyE, Sep 10, 2009.

  1. The "Good Gear Guide" written by Liz de Rome on behalf of the Motorcycle Safety Consultative Committee with input from the AMC has now been officially released.

    This guide is meant to show what to look for in riding gear.

    Here's the media release from the AMC.

    MEDIA RELEASE 2009 02


    Motorcycle rider safety throughout Australia should be improved following the launch in Canberra today of the Good Gear Guide for Motorcycle and Scooter Riders, by the Minister for Transport, Anthony Albanese.

    Mr Albanese was joined at the launch by motorcycle-riding Federal members, Chris Hayes (Member for Werriwa, Honda VTR1000-mounted) and Dr Brendan Nelson (Member for Bradfield, Suzuki Hayabusa).

    In launching the guide, Mr Albanese noted the increasing popularity of motorcycling.

    “A growing number of Australians are turning to motorcycles and scooters because they are less costly than cars and enjoyable to ride,†the Minister explained. “The number of registered motorcycles has grown by 50% over the last five years.â€

    “It’s no secret, however, that motorcycle and scooter riders are much more vulnerable on the roads than other motorists,†he continued. “The message I want to emphasise today is that all riders need to wear the right protective clothing, no matter how far they are riding.â€

    The guide was developed by Liz de Rome of LdeR Consulting with a grant from the Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Local Government. It was developed in close consultation with the Motorcycle Safety Consultative Committee (MSCC) with input from key organisations including the Australian Motorcycle Council (AMC).

    Mr Albanese was joined at the launch by AMC Chairman, Shaun Lennard, who explained the role of rider groups in the project.

    “The AMC - through the peak rider organisations in each of the states and territories - had recognised that lack of proper protective clothing was becoming more and more of a concern, as the number of motorcycles and scooters on Australian roads increased significantly over the past five years,†explained Mr Lennard.

    “The AMC developed a proposal which we took to the Australian Government for developing a resource to enable riders to make well-informed decisions about what riding gear to wear. We wanted to explain the value of protective gear in plain language.â€

    “What works in Tasmania in winter isn’t what you want to be wearing in Darwin or Townsville, but there are options for warmer climates these days too.â€

    “It’s been proven in studies that the right gear can substantially reduce the extent of injury in the event of a crash. Good gear can save you pain and inconvenience in a minor crash and may help reduce injury in a severe impact.â€

    “There’s often a belief that ‘I’m not going to crash, so it doesn’t matter what I wear…’ “, continued Mr Lennard. “But the reality is that proper clothing isn’t only ‘protective’ in the unfortunate event of a crash – good riding gear that keeps you comfortable can actually reduce your likelihood of having a crash in the first place.â€

    Both Minister Albanese and Mr Lennard noted the particular problem of pillion passengers not being dressed safely too.

    “We’ve all seen it – the rider in the full riding kit and the pillion in a singlet,†said Mr Lennard. “With summer approaching, I urge everyone to make sure they’re dressed properly before jumping on a bike; whether as rider or passenger.â€

    “Our prime focus of course is on working to prevent crashes from occurring, but it makes good sense to be wearing protective clothing in case of the unexpected,†he continued.

    “It takes some knowledge to inspect riding gear - some gear looks to be ‘protective’, but is simply a style and no better than casual clothing. The guide is packed with information to assist riders tell the difference.â€

    Mr Albanese concluded the launch saying: “I urge all motorcycle and scooter riders to read te Good Gear Guide and gear up every time they ride.â€

    The guide can be accessed at www.infrastructure.gov.au/roads/safety.

  2. It's hard to just make a speech and expect people to go and spend big dollars on gear.

    How are newbies supposed to adopt an ATGATT approach when they see their motorcycle instructors riding unprotected, and the next day see cops on bikes riding around in short sleeve t shirts.

    Get the role models to wear gear before expecting the average bloke to wear it as well.
  3. Should have incentives like with other safety gear - like reduced tax or something. Not that people should need incentive to protect themselves...
  4. Some of the smarter dealers often have good combo's when buying a new bike. Usually get a jacket, helmet and gloves. Some online stores have a learners pack for gear.
  5. I think this is a really good guide for newbie riders. Anyone who is new to riding should have a quick read over the document. :)

    There isn't any new information in it that an experienced rider wouldn't already know about.
  6. ANd that's why a guide like this is needed so you can look a the gear they've got and assess if it is worthwhile.
  7. Reduced insurance premium. If owning a fast counts towards you being an aggressive rider, being willing to fully protect yourself should bespeak of your attitude towards safety...
  8. No argument from me. I just wish I knew of this back when I first started.
  9. Thats quite good. Hopefully they make a nice printed version available a most stores to inform people when buying.

  10. And according to the TAC BOOTS or they will screw you sideways
  11. me too.

    also interesting how often it mentions ' difficult to find here'
    i always end up having to buy stuff from Europe or the UK, simply because i can't get it here, even from on-line stores based here.
  12. Looks really good thanks Tony, reading through it now......
  13. I notice it was written by an external consulting company, kind of surprised they don't have someone in-house who can do that.
  14. I'm suprised no-one has picked up on the large potential for good gear jokes...
  15. it should be Top Gear :p