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Good. fun twisties for beginners..

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Danzotron, Oct 7, 2008.

  1. Hi guys,

    I've clocked up almost 20k kms on my zzr 250 now.. and still have barely been through any good / fun twisties. After going up to Arthurs Seat with some mates on the weekend.. it really has driven me to start going for rides for fun again, rather than it just becomming something to commute on..

    Although I have a fair bit of road experience.. I consider myself pretty much a beginner when it comes to twisties.. so I was wondering if anyone knew of some good rides to go on to get my skill level / confidence up, thats also fun? Preferably in the Mornington Peninsula area.. but doesn't need to be.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. the black spur......

    reefton, christmas hills. ride through warburtun, worri yallock etc
  3. Yeah.. I've heard of those.. dunno where they are though?
  4. There are a few fun places to ride on the Peninsula. Why don't you just head down some road you haven't been on before and see where it takes you? You won't get lost because if you keep riding you'll always get back to a road you know.
  5. Where there are hills, there will be good twisties!

    if you are not familiar with the road, please exercise caution.
  6. Might help if you put your location in your profile to give people an idea where you live and whats near you.

    There's a good ride up Karatha, north in Western Australia hahaha. See what i mean.
  7. Sorry, I hadn't changed that bit of my profile yet! I mention the Mornington Peninsula area in my post though :p
  8. You could always do a couple of runs up and down Arthur's Seat.
  9. If you go to just outside the Frankston shops near the stations.. There's two roundabouts right next to each other. You could do figure 8's through them all day.
  10. Ride to Flinders and back via Hastings.
  11. :rofl: :WStupid:
  12. Yeah i saw that but i dont know where that is.

    Anyways now that i know i got nothing.
  13. I hit Dunns Creek Rd. Only up the road from you Dan.
    However, I believe the BEST surface is found on the Black Spur.
  14. There's a nice stretch from Flinders to Cape Shank. Some twisty bits, not too difficult and nice high speed sweepers. Worth doing a few runs up and down since you're close.
  15. Yeah, but AS is shite... however at the top of AS before the restaraunt, there is a road going the other way (T intersection) that heads towards gippy areas, and leads to some good roads, been down there once... :)
  16. Thanks for everyones responses.. gonna check out my own backyard more after some of these suggestions.. then might hit the spur :)