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Good Friday - Ride for the Kids

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by Nightowl, Apr 19, 2011.

  1. Okay, have tried (repeatedly) to enter this in calendar but doesn't want to work for me. So thought I'd post up a reminder here ...

    The Z owners are again running Good Friday - Ride for the Kids with all money collected & donated going to the Good Friday appeal.

    $25 includes free bbq and patch. Prizes & giveaways to be won.

    Meets @ HWY 31, 743-745 Sydney Rd, Brunswick (29H5) 9:30am.
    Sign in, Breakfast, Coffee & Cakes.

    Departs 11.30am traveling to Donnybrook hotel.
    Meeting at Donnybrook hotel (367J6) 12:30pm.

    See: http://www.ksrc-au.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=5&p=517097


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  2. R u going nightowl...
    I went last year.
    Although haven't quite decided yet, was thinking taking one of my 3 boys pillion for their first group ride with me...

    Trouble is, picking who comes without starting a war!!!
  3. Hey Joe,
    Yes, I'm going ... and at this stage so's my son.
    Not able to pillion him yet myself, so have roped Hawklord in for the job (heheh - thanks HL!)
  4. Depending on weather. I'm in. Missed last years and its a great event. Lots of laughs. The boys at the Z Riders do heaps and there was a good turnout from all kinds of bikes when I last went. Some good prizes too from BikeMart etc.

  5. Yep, will be there with one of my boys....
    Sorted who was coming by putting 3 names in a hat.....
    Err, last one out wasn't quite happy..... lol
  6. I'm afraid I've already confirmed going on the BU Poker Run on Good Friday!
  7. I'm in! Cya's there!
  8. Weathers not looking too bad and its for the Kids anyways. Getting a wee bit wet is the last of our worries after what they and their loved ones go through during an extended hospital visit.
  9. I'll be there, by myself sadly as sandra has written off her bike, say hi to the dude wearing the blue helmet in my avatar. :)
  10. I have to go to work in the morn for an hr or 2 :(

    If I can convince the other half to pillion my son ,
    we might make it to the Hotel for lunch ..

    So we just might see you there :D
  11. Ended up being another awesome event by the Zeddy's. Try and get along next year if you can folks! :D
  12. yes,weather held out,a bit blowy going home tho,,Im in the Z Owners,its always a good cause,Cheers to those who trucked along(better route this time too)
    cheers&Easter Beerz
  13. Was great day out , thanks Zowners (y)
    Bruce came home with some goodies with the Vmax getting best Yamaha :D

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  14. I take it that this wasn't the ride that the cops hassled?

    I didn't see it but someone at work tonight said that on the news the cops pulled over a couple of hundred riders on a Good Friday Appeal Run to hassle them. It was reported that all they did was to harrass a group trying to do the right thing for the kids and that it "wasn't a good look".
  15. yeah i saw that too on the news last night....
    poor form by the plod...

    did this ride only to the first stop nth of the airport then went home as I was on a promise to take family to the flicks in the arvo....

    This photo taken at the start....

  16. we never got hassled by the Bronze!!!!
  17. Fantastic Pics Rusti (y)

    hope you don't mind .. I did steal this one ..
    My boys :D

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  18. Heh - Kitt, I never object to people who want copies of my shots.
    I only get snakey if they're used commercially without permission.

    If you'd like a full size un-watermarked copy, lemme know.
  19. Great day!!! Thanks Z owners. :grin:
    Good to see some familiar faces and meet some new ones.

    heheh ... yes, was a bit blowy 8-[ didn't realise you were heading up to this Doode or I'd have caught up & said hullooo! Didn't you also win one of the prizes???

    Which reminds me, congrats Bruce. :D Take it you guys managed to get the parcel of goodies home ok.

    Great pics Rusti, specially liked the one of all the bikes reflected in the window. Yours too Joe. Will post up a couple of mine when I get a chance.