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Good Friday Ride - 6th April Melbourne

Discussion in 'VIC' started by hawklord, Apr 1, 2012.

  1. Had a quick look around and didn't see this mentioned.


    Friday, 6 April 2012
    09:30 until 17:00

    HWY31 Brunswick then on to the Donnybrook Hotel
    Meeting @ HWY 31 743–745 Sydney Rd Brunswick
    @ 9:30 (29H5) Sign in, Breakfast, Coffee and Cakes
    Depart 11:30 riding to the Donnybrook Hotel for a BBQ Lunch
    Donations will be collected during the Day
    Meeting at the Donnybrook hotel (367J6) 12:30PM
    BBQ, Raffles' and show n shine
    BBQ Meat Donated by SCOTTY’S Meats.
    It's a Great day all welcome
    All Money Collected will go to the good friday appeal

    A great cause and very close to my heart due to the help given to my son, Chris.

    Get along if you can.

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  2. I'm going!
  3. Lizzy and I will come.
  4. Thinking about coming to this.

    Hey, I can finally see the nod button...
  5. I'll def. Try to make it. :)

    What Nod button? Can't see it via Tapatalk.
  6. I know there is more to this day than the ride. But is the ride only about 40minutes ?
  7. I'll come along - provided I'm not hungover. And yay for not having to get up at sparrow fart :dance:
  8. It's not the ride so much. The Z owners manage to raise a shtie load for the kids and it's it's a good laugh. Plenty of time to shoot the breeze with others.
    Can't make this years but have done 2 so far.
  9. 40 Minutes? You bloody hoon. If you travel at the speed limit it should take at least 42 minutes.
  10. sparrow fart is best time of day for riding. No traffic at all.

    Put me down as a maybe. See what the little one is upto 1st
  11. i always wonder about the accuracy of google maps ! haha
  12. I shall be there.
  13. I'm in for this one
  14. Thought about this one.
    Had the kids last weekend.
    Picking them up Easter Sunday for a week with me.
    I need to go for a decent length ride!!
    Have fun all.
  15. I'll definately try to think about maybe seeing if I might be able to come along if I'm lucky... :cheeky:
  16. Catch you lot @ Donnybrook ..

    Be like a Satdy learners sesh ... :p
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  17. I'm in. Did I already say that?
  18. Get my permit next week... can't wait to join something like this :]
  19. Bit of a lame ride is it not... Is there more to this or shal I just turn up at Donnybrook
  20. It's all about the kids dude!
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