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Good first bike around $3k?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by ninja250, Aug 3, 2015.

  1. looking to buy my first bike have had expirnence on bikes all my life but just not road bikes aha any help will be great
    cheers :)

  2. Ninja 250?
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  3. ninja 250
  4. VTR250?
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  5. Apart from on-road, what sort of bike are you after? Sports, crusier, naked, etc. Any L restrictions etc? If you fill in some of the blanks you will get more targeted response.
  6. old cbr600f
  7. GPX/GPZ 250

    or just about any old(er) 4 stroke road/trail bike between 250cc and 650cc.
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  8. Alot of good VTR 250's about, great learner bike, very reliable and so easy to work on!
  9. I like the VTR for that money.
  10. Another vote for a VTR250. Great first bike!

    They're easy to ride, sound decent with a slip on (well better than a parallel twin) and have no fairings so are easy/cheap to fix if you happen to drop it.
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  11. Got a Ninja 250, paid 3k a year ago. Can't complain, lacks power but it's got enough for your LAMS period.
  12. I don't know much about the Ninja 250, but read somewhere they're about 25hp? If this is correct then the VTR250 puts out 32 and is a V twin. You're more likely to find a VTR for the price you're looking for. And +1 for being easy to work on. But, I am beginning to find it a bit ho-hum now at cruising speeds when I want to overtake but am stuck with it due to height issues (mine, not the bike). If you have the luxury of height, and can stretch your budget a little further, it may be better to look around 500 cc mark so the GS500 may be a good one to look into.
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  13. 25? Zzr250 is around 40 hp, and next model was slightly.lower peak powe, but not halved?
  14. I did say I'm no expert oldcorollasoldcorollas just read it somewhere recently.

    EDIT: What about the EX250? So many Kwaka's have Ninja attached to them, it's hard to tell them apart unless you are an expert.
  15. 25kw or 40hp the ex250,gpx250,zzr250 are all basically same. The 2008 was one hp down

    So more than the vtr. Though they are both good choices.
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  16. Power really shouldn't be a deciding factor on a 250, it's a 250 after all.
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  17. Yes especially because they wont have what they used to have after a decade of abuse.
  18. and the best the about the vtr is that its not a ninja.
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