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good first 250cc bike for commuting

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by blint, May 12, 2008.

  1. Hi there, I have had my 50cc scooter for about 2 years now and im getting a little itchy for something with just a bit more power, so Im thinking a 250 should be fine (at least for a while).

    I bought my scooter because it was a cheap way to commute but now im after a little more fun, but I dont want something that costs too much to maintain.

    Im after a road bike which has a nice look to it.

    I am seeing a lot of zzr250's and CBR250s which seem like the two most popular ones around. Does the sheer number of these bikes around mean that parts are easy and cheap to acquire?

    so im after some advice on what sort of bike i should get, and what sort of price to pay, and what i should look out for in buying a bike, can you please help?

    Important factors and their rank are:

    1. Reliability
    2. Fuel efficiency and maintenance costs
    3. Looks
    4. Performance
    5. Purchase price (rough guide $3k-6k)
    6. comfort (im 6'3")



  2. I think the GPX/ZZR250 or VTR250 are probably two of the better choices for commuting.
  3. is that 2 or 3 bikes?
  4. Get a gpx250. They are stupidly cheap - eg. 5k gets you 06-07 with bugger all kms. They fulfill all of your needs.. well they looks maybe not the best but they grow on you.
  5. 3 bikes. The GPX250 and ZZR250 are very similar bikes though, but the ZZR is bigger.
    You should do some research on them and see if you like what you read/see.

    +1 phizog.
  6. I just checked the VTR250, i dont like the open headlight, i prefer the enclosed front end, looks sleeker. Cheers for your suggestions though.
  7. You're back to the GPX250 and ZZR250 Kawas
  8. can u get a licence for a larger capacity motorcylce?

    ur height will make it a LITTLE unconfortable on the gpx and zzr,

    i am 6" and it was crampy for me.

    if u can go larger wont be to much differnt in running costs if u looked at the gs500
  9. Im on an across and therefore biased but they are great for commuting and the boot makes it easy for carrying lunches, etc.
  10. dont for gods sake get a VTR250, every other muthafarka has one

    (says something though doesnt it?) :wink:

    EDIT: oh and jared the only reason i ever tolerated your ZZR was that it made the VTR look good, and thats saying something :p :LOL:
  11. 6’3†and CBR250 Are not a good combination. I am dead on 6’ and the CBR is to small for me.
    I would say the ZZR or Across because of your height. (And the fact that you have already discounted the VTR)
    What you get
    ZZR more low down torque (I personally believe better for commuting) Longer range
    Across Better Fuel economy and the Boot (The tiny tank means the fuel economy doesn’t equal range)
  12. Thanks for your help

    What about the 2006 hyosung gt650R? there is one just like pictured near my work, i love the look of it.

    (i cant post a link direct as less than 5 posts)

    would this be better from a size perspective me being a bit taller?

    any thoughts on hyosung generally or this particular bike?


    would this be better from a size perspective me being a bit taller?

    any thoughts on hyosung generally or this particular bike?

  13. Oooohhh I knew the H question had to come up sooner or later.
    You are about to see the war that is Hyosung.
    A Synopsis is… Some people have had really BAD experiences with them, and some people think they are great.
    Some people say that pre or post 2006 is the differences in the experiences, but there is little corroborating evidence either way.
    From all the reading I have done, I would say that in the short term a Hyo is a roll of the dice, but over all they are not a quality machine.
    Though having jumped on the GT250R for a spin, the feel great (This was one owned by someone who had no issues)
  14. cheers for that, but can anyone elaborate on what sort of things go wrong with them, and whether or not they are fixable (permanently) and if this bike is being sold by a dealer, is there the same securities in place with them (whereby they guarantee that the bike is in good condition, and have to fix anything that is not right at time of sale)?

    Or are these thing likely to occur later on, or niggly things like shudder or ride comfort?


  15. Hit the search link and type in hyosung
    Or just browse down through the bike reviews section for any thread with hyosung in the subject line, and you will see the debate repeated many times.
    Some of the issues I have seen here include.
    Break failure.
    Shock failure
    Handlebars tearing (This one I see as a huge concern because it indicates poor materials)
  16. Mate do yourself a favour and go a GS500. From all accounts a great bike for learners and you will fore-go the crap of a 250 and all its scooter like qualities.
  17. I don’t agree with the statements about “crap of a 250 and all its scooter like qualities†but if you are going a LAMs option above 250 I would suggest the GS is a more reliable bet than the Hyo
    Note. The GS is heavier so for a learners commuter isn’t necessarily better than a 250, yeah for the open road it would be better, and for a person who has the basics sorted, it could make a good commuter, but for a learner commuter I would hesitate
  18. Prior to mid 06 in Europe, I don't know when here as they have never admitted the issue in Aus, they would drop valves, normally exhaust and write off the head, piston, and barrel (repair costs about $3000 a cylinder). They still do it after that but not as often the only semi permanent fix is to fit the heads from the later model about $2000 each.

    Other than that they have a tendency to eat rear disks, break clutch cables, and melt stators? is that the right word and side stand safety switchs.

    oh and the brakes are shit, and so are the head lights on the faired models.

    But on the other hand they are cheap and look cool...
  19. the gs500f looks nice, and appears to be learner legal too.

    their RRP is only $8k new, compared to the hyosung's $9K.

    You would think suzuki would have a premium on their name brand over Hyonsung, so is this a reflection on engine size (i note that it does have 150 less cc which is fine for me), build quality, or other factors?

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