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Good fender eliminators for a 600RR?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by daleline, Oct 13, 2008.

  1. Gday guys, just in the market for a fender eliminator for a CBR600RR 2007 model. Anyone know of any good ones out there? I've looked at a few but some look too close to standard. I really like the ones that sit right in under the seat down the exhaust further.

    I've seen some of the posts here saying some are illegal, has anyone here had runnings with the law over them? Or do the cops let them slide most of the time. Cheers!

  2. hi

    I put a targa fender eliminator on mine, it is illegal, but all fender eliminators that sit under the exhaust r illegal. I've havent had trouble with the cops with it yet, and i use the bike everyday. Here is a pic of my bike with the eliminator.


    hope i helped :)
  3. Hey bud, that eliminator looks rad!

    Is it one that only fits your sort of exhaust or can it be fitted to all? I have a Remus exhaust on mine. Nice bike btw, same model and colour as mine :)
  4. thanks bro, nah the eliminator can be fitted on any exhaust. I got from ebay. Just search targa eliminator and see if it comes up. Cost me around $160. How r u going with the cbr, like it??
  5. Sorry bout the late reply, forgot about this thread.

    Goin sweet thanks mate, it's the first road bike I've owned. Can't believe how fun it is. Bought it unregistered though, so had to go through the f*** around of getting vicroads inspections etc.

    Really is a pain in the ass! 2 week waiting list after I got roadworthy just to get it inspected and registered. How do you like yours?
  6. vicroads r a pain in the ass.

    going sweet mate, love the bike, i just dropped it off to get dynoed today, see how much power the f**ker is putting out. Done a pipe and air cleaner and thought i should get it tuned on the dyno.
  7. Nice one, make sure you let us know dyno results when you get them. How do you go with your flush mount indicators? Ever been hassled by the cops?
  8. ofcourse, i'll post the results when i get em. Nah never had any hassles with the cops yet, and i've been pulled over twice so far with them on. They're bright flushmounts and fit perfectly. No cutting of wires, just plug em in and they're done. Even the flashrate stays good..