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Good experience with Telstra, who'da thunk it?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by hornet, Aug 26, 2015.

  1. My dear old mum gets a phone call from Red Cross every day to make sure she's OK. We've had monsoonal rain on the South Coast the last few days and I wasn't at all surprised when they rang me yesterday morning to say that they couldn't get through to her. I toddled over there to find out that she was ok, but her phone was out. So, it transpires, is half the suburb.
    After three phone calls and four SMS messages to Telstra, it appears that they will not be able to restore service until the 8th of September. However, in reverse of the usual complaints, I have to say that the whole process of eventually getting a temporary mobile phone, diverted to her home number, has been very easy. The people I spoke to were in a call centre in the Philippines, their English was perfect, their manners were impeccable and nothing was too much trouble.
    So, credit where it is due, well done to the people on the ground at Telstra!!

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  2. I have everything with Telstra, have had for many years. Every now and then I move an item elsewhere to see if the service is any better and it invariably isn't so I go back to the leviathan. One good thing is I only have to deal with one account for a myriad of mobiles, fixed lines and broadbands.
  3. Just for a bit of balance:

    The NBN has arrived in Candelo - fixed wireless. A mate on the other side of town has been putting up with crappy adsl (pair gain) since well, forever. I called in the other week to see how they are liking the fixed wireless.

    They were scheduled to have it all put in place about a month ago. But a week before the scheduled date, they rang to re-schedule it as his wife's mother needed to moved that day. Telstra re-scheduled it to mid September.

    However, the fcukers at Telstra turned off their adsl on the original day that the fixed wireless was to be installed. They have been without any internet for about a month.

    Why the fcuk would you disconnect somebody without checking that the installation actually went ahead?

    Another story:

    Mate at Bemboka went to the Telstra shop in Bega to arrange NBN fixed wireless. Was given a 2 day range when a technician would come and check the signal. Techie was supposed to ring beforehand. First day comes and goes. Second day comes and goes. Bloke rings shop and was told 'Oh that job was cancelled'. 'Would have nice if someone told me. So when will he come now?' 'Oh some time in October...'

    Turns out the tower wasn't even live when they made the original arrangements.

    Farken hopeless. The left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing. The management needs a red hot poker up their collective arses.
  4. I have had mostly good experiences with Telstra. After the storms in Newcastle earlier this year we were without phone for 6-8 weeks. There were Telstra vans around here every day, 7 days a week working on faults. We were also given a mobile on out home and internet accounts. It was not quite as good as the landline but the next best thing. They were very helpful and happily refunded my account for the first few weeks where we did not have mobile service either.
  5. Through the years I've been through every mobile provider (including the small resellers) before arriving at Telstra, and now I can't see myself going anywhere else. I know their contact centre is in the Philippines but it doesn't really matter over the online chat helpline.

    For ADSL I've been with Internode forever because of their superb customer service - always an Australian operator, and always a technician rather than a call-centre jock with a fixed topic set. Every one I've spoken to has been able to talk to me on a decent technical level and get my issues sorted. Time will tell whether this standard will survive under TPG.
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  6. hyperspexhyperspex the same with me although I actually used to sell an American companies cheap product many years ago when deregulation first happened. In those days they would believe it or not (and I think this practice still happens) route calls through their US based infrastructure then channel it back into Australia it was cheaper for them. Sounded like you were talking down a long concrete pipe. These days Telstra for the mobile best coverage, I have had some issues but the overseas call center has worked in my favour (got a big refund and credit) and Internode Naked ADSL like you have only had to call tech support a handful of times and you talk to an Aussie who is a techie and can sort it out usually within 10 minutes of starting the call. And yes it will be interesting to see what happens with the new owners.
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  7. From my own experience, Telstra has done a complete 180. They used to be one of the worst companies to deal with. I've had experiences being transferred from department to department to department for over an hour just to get back to the first guy I was talking to. This was under the old CEO. So many people who also got burned with them as well.

    But now - I find that they're one of the better companies to deal with. Their plans are more reasonable and safer than they used to be. Customer service has improved from 'next to none' to getting things resolved in many cases within minutes where possible...

    Still - having been burnt and seen so many burnt by them in the past I've been wary, but their service has been on the improvement now for years, so here's hoping that it's a new era for Telstra. Credit where it's due. I'm sure they will still make some mistakes - but there's been a significant marked improvement over the years which has been good to see.