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Good evening

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by BLATIO REDITUM, May 10, 2016.

  1. Hello all. I just signed in.
    See you in the forums.

  2. maybe
  3. yes well there is that
  4. Hehe welcome to the madhouse :cool:
  5. It just got madder.
  6. watch your punctuation dude
  7. Must I? It makes me feel like a perv ;)
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  8. well if you cant
    at least make it interesting

    My name is something or other
    I like to ride motora cycles
    Oh and i am also a grammar nazi
    well please be nice
  9. Welcome to the forum mate
  10. Any username that starts with "bla" has my spidey senses tingling......
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  11. I reckon this is Blabbs mach III
  12. welcome aboard :)

    You'll soon learn from the forums who to ignore since the maturity level can be pretty low. However the good part is that although maturity may be lacking; the helpfulness of peeps giving advice or riding skill level is high! ;-)
  14. More than likely but I reckon you missed a couple :)
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  15. hahahahaha