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Good evening

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Loot., Jan 3, 2013.

  1. New member to forum saying Hi to all

  2. Welcome.....and??
  3. Hi i am Bad.
  4. .. Er yeah, welcome..
  5. What do you ride , what part of SA and are you
    HOT ?[DOUBLEPOST=1357211820][/DOUBLEPOST]Jees where is crisis when you need him, its not my job.
  6. I ride a Streetfighter in Adelaide and yes im hot (40deg today)
  7. Your going to be hotter tomorrow .
  8. Hi Loot & welcome :)
  9. :dance: Hey Loot!

    How many times do I gotta say fellaz?

    She's South Aussie - OF COURSE SHE'S HOT ;-)
  10. Hahaha welcome :) always good to see more South Aussie's joining :)
  11. They have internet in SA now? :p

    Welcome to the nut house.
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  12. Hi Loot and welcome! Streetfighter hey - my hubbie's just sold his but he just loved it.
  13. Welcome to the nuthouse Loot :D
  14. Welcome :)