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Good Deeds (Long)

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by MattyB, Aug 25, 2006.

  1. 4 bourbans, a packet of chocolates, tracy chapman - this is the result.

    I typed it up in my blog on myspace and thought maybe someone in NR could benefit from it, http://blog.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog&pop=1&ping=1&indicate=1

    "Today, most giving is out of obligation, sympathy, or expediency. Rarely is it joyous giving. Giving from such sources needs to expect thanks. In truth, however, the thankfulness of the giver should be greater than that of the receiver. To love, to be able to love, is richer than being loved."

    That quote pretty much defines my view on things these days, I've found myself wanting (and doing) to do good deeds just because I can.
    Weither I buy a homeless bloke a meal, open a door for someone, etc etc, it's all the same, I don't do with for a reward of sorts, or in hope of 'good karma', or out of sympathy for the homeless person, I only do it hoping that I've made that persons day a little bit easier, or made them happy, or whatever the positive outcome of the situation I hope for.

    Too many people are being too self-centered and arrogant, even some of my friends are doing what I now label as my new pet hate.
    Giving with expectation.

    A mate does something for me, and something in his wording or attitude after it, I feel obligated to repay him somehow. Now, don't get me wrong, I always try and pay back people who have done favours for me, I want to thank them, but I don't like feeling obligated to.

    On the other hand, I have my True close friends.

    A few close friends have done some astounding favours for me, all out of the goodness of their heart, I can't possibly let them know how thankful I am.
    But what amazes me is that they do these favours knowing full well how much it meant to me, and they carry on doing what they're doing without expecting (even slightly hoping or guessing) anything in return. I don't know if they're expecting something from 'karma' instead, but from what I know of these few close friends, they aren't. They're just happy to help.

    I suppose thats how the guy felt who Hel and I helped out of a tight spot a few months back.
    We were driving around looking for a spot to take some photos of the Westgate Bridge when we found a couple walking toward us as we drove down a dark back road. Their car battery was flat and they had no jumpers, either did we.
    I told him I'd drive upto the servo and buy some and come straight back, he kind of gave me an expression which I translated into "yeah, whatever.. you won't come back, go on then.. thanks for nothing".
    Shouldn't seen his face when I came back with jumper cables, he was walking on the side of the road, half way to the servo, on a 3 degree morning, we gave him a lift back to his car and got it going again.

    He was very very persistant in wanting to reward me with cold hard cash, and he had plenty of it. After I'd refused for 5 minutes straight and he was still trying to thank me the only way he thought he could, I told him he could buy the jumper leads off me, I showed him the reciept and we exchanged goods for cash.

    I helped him because I wanted to, and I feel good about it, thats all I need.

    I know this is a pretty sappy blog entry, and a few of my mates might consider commenting with things like "need a tissue matty?" all in good fasioned aussie banter, but I'm just telling it like it is.

    Too many people in this world are Selfcentered, Arrogant, Expectant, Selfish, - I could go on, but you get what I mean.

    Your reward for a good deed are these -

    Even if the person who benefitted from your good deed doesn't realise what you've done, don't be offended that they didn't acknowledge it -
    • You've done a good deed.
      You've made someone happy.
      You're going to feel good about making someone happy.

    And if that person does realise what you've done, hopefully they'll appreciate it enough to do a good deed themselves, knowing how much joy you've given them.

    If a tiny good deed, done without obligation, sympathy, or expediency is acknowledged. The person who recieved it will be alot more appreciative and thankful, knowing you did it just because you could, without ulterior motives. And inturn, they may remember that and do more/a good deed in future.

    So in the end, 1 good deed could benefit many more people than you first thought. How good would that be?

    Go out and do a good deed, see how you feel.
  2. nice mate, my attitude to life exactly, the world would be a better place if the majority of people thought like that.
  3. My first response was to type....
    pitty there isn't more people in the world like you Matty :) ,
    but looking at it.... there probably is alot of people in the world like you, but they just blend into the background because like you said, they make no fuss about their good deeds and expect nothing for just being themselves. Keep up the good attitude mate, you're on a winner.
  4. Good on ya MattyB, still on those painkillers I see? :p

    Nah good attitude mate, I wish I was more like this. :)
  5. matty, good onya.

    I like helping as well, which could be why I'm in IT. I love the feeling when someone thanks me for fixing their issue.

    I also want NADS to take off. I think more people could use the help than perhaps we see.
  6. If you do your good deeds to be seen of men, you have your reward.

    The world needs more people who will do the right thing BECAUSE it IS the right thing.

    Onya matty
  7. What a great attitude you have Matty.

    When a person does something with intention, whether good or bad, the effect could reach tenfold. When you plant a grain of rice, you harvest not only the grain of rice, but you harvest many times what you have planted. When you plant a mango seed, you get a mango tree that will produce many mangos. I'm sure we all get the drift.

    We should all look at what our intentions are. Hopefully we have good ones, and learn from the consequences of those not so good.

    My little thought for the day!