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Good deals on Kevlar pants?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by psaint, Aug 7, 2011.

  1. Hi guys,

    Anyone know of any good deals on Kevlar pants, or good sites to check out?

  2. Aldi next week - $69

  3. Also, Takamii makes them himself. I don't have a pair but I've only heard great thing.

    On eBay search for Moto Legion
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  4. +1 for takamii jeans. i'd take another pair over draggins

    there's another guy on here who's developing his own brand, but i'm not sure if they're available as yet
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  5. And you still wouldn’t have paid the equivalent of a pair of draggins either ;)
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  6. Takamii's jeans have a very good rep and you can have knee armour in them.

    The other one around is resolute jeans .. also comes with armour.

    I thought Sartso Killers used to be good value but a quick look shows they seem to have gotten rather expensive.
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  7. Unfortunately tested out Takamii's jeans the other day at 40kmph or so... Not even a mark. Literally.
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  8. Takamii jeans come with a set of knee and hip armour.
    I have 2 pairs now, and couldn't speak highly enough of them - I wear mine at work too, with a collared shirt.
    On the bike they're comfortable enough to ride all day, and you don't even notice the armour.
    Oh no, I think I'm a fanboy!
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  9. you keep the armour in at work kreeper?
    i find it too hard to squeeze out while i'm wearing them
  10. I only wear the armour on weekend rides, and leave it at home during the week.
    The knee armour is easy enough, but you have to at least drop them to manage the hip pads.
  11. hi guys ,...when buying kevlar os " so called kevlar" jeans always pay aattention at certification and kevlar used..

    there is at least 3 type of kevlar to be used and this change the price also a lot!

    there is the China copy or kevlar ........ very cheap...very poor on abrasion tech spec
    the dupont kevlar average cost but good on abrasion resistence
    Shoeller keprotec very expensive very good abrasion resistence
    or special military aramidic textile very thin lightweigt and not so hot like others exceptional abrasion resistence ....very very expensive

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  12. Takamii's 'Motolegion' jeans are gaining a solid reputation. They are comfortable, well-priced, and well-made. Came off at 40 kmph with a 200 kg bike on top, and the [included for free] armour literally saved my knee.
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  13. riders discount, strong dollar
  14. Get some takamii's, im very impressed with mine, armor is very comfortable and protective, also is very nice if you have to kneel at the side of the road at any point in your ride.