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Good Deal?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by fozzy, Aug 25, 2008.

  1. Hi Guys,

    I've come across a 98 VFR800 - travelled 23,000 Ks, Ventura rack, stainless can. Looks to be in very good knick

    $7000 a fair price? Bargain? Too pricey for it's age?

  2. lol, that's it.
  3. If the bike is as good as it sounds and isn't a repairable write off, the price looks very fair,

    well worth a look
  4. Will a REVS check reveal if it is or has been a repairable writeoff?

    It has no damage at all now, but it's hard to tell if a bike has been in a stack and fixed really well. Any tips on what to look for / tell tale signs that a bike has been badly damged in it's past?
  5. yep revs will tell you if it's a fixed repairable write off.......as for things to check for to see if you can tell if it's been dropped are things like bar ends, end of gear/brake levers, footpegs etc.....sometimes they don't snap off, and some people don't bother replacing them if they only have a slight mark on the under side of the part.....but they are all easy parts to replace with new, so just because they aren't damaged might just mean they have been replaced, if it checks out/rides ok it sounds like a fair price :)
  6. Im sure ive seen this one come up somewhere else as a repair but i could be mistaken.
  7. Yep, just rev checked it and it's listed as a repairable write off, so forget that. I suppose if it's been fixed well it's not a problem, but it'll come back and bite me when it comes time to sell I suspect...

    So now I have 2 other options...

    1999 VFR, Yellow with a rack, seat cowl, dual staintune high rise exhaust. 25,000 Ks $8500 12 months rego

    2000 VFR Blue with a rack, no seat cowl, single highrise staintune carbon pipe, 57,000 Ks $6000 5 months rego.

    Both at dealers


    How many Ks is too many for a VFR?
  8. Depends on how fussy you are, I s'pose. Some may think that anything over 30,000km is total rebuild territory, while others consider it as merely being run in.

    Large capacity road bikes don't get much of a thrashing. If they did then they and their owners would not be around for long. A bike like the VFR and other large capacity sports tourers would probably still be running fine at well over 140,000km or more if they're serviced regularly and generally looked after.

    Use Redbook.com.au and the online bike sales sites to comparison shop. I don't know what these examples are like but comparing with others and the "recommended" prices that the likes of Redbook or Glasses Guide suggest will help you weed out the "tell 'im 'e's dreamin'" vendors.

    Finally, with respect to dealer v private seller I'd opt for the latter. Dealer bikes have a premium on them so they'll always sell for more than what a private buyer is asking. And generally you don't get used bike warranties these days, anyway. So there's no benefit in going through a dealer in that respect.

    There are those that offer an insurance for "warranty" but they're generally stitched up so tight that trying to claim is next to impossible.
  9. This shits me. These scumbags should be made by law to advertise the bike as a repairable write off.

    IMO I wouldn't touch a bike that's been written off, no matter how well it's been repaired. Anyway this bike (considering this) should be selling for $4k tops.

    Looks like you dodged a bullet my friend. :shock:
  10. Yeah, thought I was on to a good thing - very annoying. Talked to him on the phone too, asking the usual Q's and asked him for the Vin etc for the Revs check, he didn't mention anything. Surely you would know if you owned a bike that had been written off in it's past sometime...
  11. you would think so, but I bought a repairable write off once and the seller seemed genuinely surprised when I told him what he had. He had bought it from a shop and I believe he hadnt checked.

    I would ring the seller back and let them know, see if they are prepared to sell the bike for a bargain
  12. Rang back, he was blissfully unaware... Seems genuine.

    He's take $6K for it but really I think it would have to be $5K to allow for the hit I'd have to take a resale time....

    Grrrr, what to do...

    On the upside, I've just been and ridden a DL1000, a Bandit 1250 and a new VFR. Vstrom is interesting although I think the vibes when you're on the juice would get annoying. Bandit is nice, you have to be a bit more intentional with your inputs to make it do what you want, but far out it's got some grunt! (maybe too much?).

    The new VFR is stunning really. Not nearly the power of the Bandit, but the power it has is much more legally usable I think. It corners via telepathy though - very flattering to ride.

    Does anyone have any opinion of how the new ones compare to the 5th Gen - power, handling and comfort wise?
  13. Might be worth trying on a Blackbird if pillion comfort is high on your list - they're really well priced too.
  14. yep the old one is shit in comparsion to the new model vfr, in saying that it didn't suit me.....i jumped off it thinking yeah nice, got of the newer model thinking farking hell....i am off to the motgp paddock.... just unlink the brake system and i reckon they are a cracker....actually probably too easy to ride quickly imo :)