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Good Deal???

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by bass_player, Dec 7, 2005.

  1. I had my heart set on a GPX250 until now. I have fallen for the naked sports bikes and have found an 89 Spada, 24,000km, new tyres, been resprayed red. Asking $3000. The only thing is the owner had it imported from Japan 3 months ago (the respray was included in the import cost or something). The owner is selling because 'that part of his life is over', whatever that means. Does this sound like a good deal? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  2. All Spada's are grey imports, so thet've all just come over Japland. Don't be too surprised at the Km's, there's every possibility they're genuine (the Japs ride alot less K's than over here), but don't buy based on low Km's, it's still a 16yo bike.

    The Spada is bulletproof. Nice little V-Twin engine. Goes hard enough for a learner. Look sexy as... NEkkid, Nekkid, Nekkid...

    I bought one fresh from out of a container from Japan, paid $3900 which is about the going rate. For one that's only 3 months old (in Oz that is), $3k is prolly a good price.

    The "that part of my life is over" is a bit worrying, could suggest that he's had a pretty serious crash... Find out about any damage before committing to anything.

    Long story short, Spada's are great, comfy, go well, look dead sexy and you laugh at everyone who paid $3k more for a VTR...
  3. All grey imports will have had a respray as a matter of necessity more than as part of the import cost. 15+ years parked outside in smoggy Japanese cities is not kind to paintwork.
  4. Not all Spada's are greys. There was a Oz batch of them in 1990.
  5. Thanks for your comments. I have arranged to go have a look tomorrow morning. I also quizzed him on the 'that part of my life is over' and he said bike riding is not for him. He has only ridden it a handful of times. Told me that there is no damage apart from a small scratch on the exhaust.
  6. Spada would be my bike of choice..

    love the look and the sound...... electric blue
  7. Other than the obvious are there any model specific problems I should keep an eye out for?