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Good Deal? (vtr250)

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by fauziozi, Nov 18, 2012.

  1. Hi guys,

    was about to book for my L test. But today I saw a vtr250 2006 for $5k drive away price on sale by 2nd hand dealer inc. 12 mths warranty. Advertised price was $5.7k but the boss made a mistake on the price when inquired and should I decide there and then he'd give me for $5k. He'd do free lowering as well for around 5mm to help with my height. Didn't take the deal on the spot as wanted to see review of the dealer, which turns out to be pretty good.

    Bike looks fine on the outside (i've no clue on mechanics), main concern was just rust on the front suspension. Image: http://postimage.org/image/hematly59/

    Ideally I'd want to wait 'til I got my L so I can do a test ride. But then this deal seems to be on the "better than average" scale. I'm in no hurry to get my first bike, but I wonder how many times a year this kinda deal showed up.

    Any opinion on this one? should I rush this?

    If all goes well, I'd give them a call on Monday to see if they can still offer me $5k and put in a deposit.

    Thanks guys
  2. odo is around 4000km
  3. 06 model with signs of rust at 6k willing to drop to 5k? fcuk that sounds abut dodgey ...the rust doesn't look too bad at all but you could buy a new ninja or cbr 250 for that price these days can't ya?
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  4. 4 thousand kilometres at 6 years old showing signs of rust doesn't sound like its been taken care of...almost like its spent half its life parked in a carport being neglected or some shit I dunno - others can chip in with advice don't take my word alone as gospel bud
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  5. with that price tag, yes and no. @bikesales used vtr250 is about the same price as cbr250. I'm guessing bikesales prices aren't drive away prices?

    i'm just wary about the rust.

    anyone else have input on how much it normally cost for lowering a bike (suspension only) if I buy it private?
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    6 years old, 4000km, rust= neglected
    Did you have you got any other photos of the bike so we can get a better idea of the general condition?

    For $5k I think you could find a lot better examples of a vtr.

    To give you a comparison, I've owned my vtr for just shy of three months. It's an 04 model in mint condition (ie nil rust) and it had 29,000km on it.. And I've put on north of 5000km on it in that time. I paid $3900 ride away privately... like I said for $5k you could do a lot better than something that's sat decaying for god knows how long. You;ve got to be asking questions like, how long has that oil/battery/fluids/rubber/chain/sprockets/fuel/steel/plastic/seals/carbies/wiring/etc been sitting in the sun/rain/basement/etc for.

    Worth noting that brand new cbr/ninja 250 goes for what? $5500?

    Can't help you with lowering cost but I get the impression that 5mm is going to do 10/10th's of SFA to help. Vtr's pretty low out of the box, Have you tried sitting on one with riding boots on?
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  7. here's the full image http://postimage.org/image/4dyvuzbcl/

    a very kind member of netrider is extremely kind to offer me help in checking out the bikes. given everything's fine, you still think $5k is too high?

    oh, it's got warranties too. shouldn't all these be covered as well?

    I'm much more interested in vtr than ninja/cbr just based on reviews on first bike. and I noted that a brand new vtr is more expensive than a cbr, cmiiw here.

    what SFA?

    yeah, the seller says with a combination of boot + lowering; i probably can get a flat foot on it.
  8. rust hammers these bikes,
    i tried everything i could, and kept it under a cover but the moisture killed the surfaces that had weak or worn condition, (my bike was 48,000k's and 1999)
    i was always dealing with spots of surface rust on the handle bars and upper forks (between triple trees).

    so honestly i wouldn't be to worried about slight surface rust.
    all bikes will have it after sitting for a while, especially in a moist area like Melbourne. unless you bathe the bike in wd40 and grease regularly.
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  9. SFA = Sweet Fk All. 5mm = half a centimetre = won't make any difference to lower that much only.
  10. mine's got more surface rust than that on the fork clamps... it seems to be just a cosmetic thing.... still.... i didn't pay $5k.
  11. keep looking...
    this bike will probably leave you on the side of the road...
    if you can spend 5 you can go get a new one...

    but seriously- lower a vtr? how tall are you?
  12. Wait til you have your license, not because it's a good it bad deal but test riding is fun. And it gives you a knowledge about a few different types. You will remember your test rides on other bikes and you will learn a lot. No deal from a dealer is going to be worth missing out on the fun.

    It's kind of like being single. Once your in a relationship it's good but you often think back about all your test rides.

    And we all understand how nerve raking it is to test ride completely inexperienced, but it's worth it.
  13. 5K on a 6 pushing 7 year old bike that looks to have sat around doing nothing or recently had a hair cut is excessive.
    5k will get you a year or two old Ninja or CBR 250, both are designed for up right, comfortable learning styles.
    VTR's are over priced imho.
  14. I thought they were only $8k brand spankers???
  15. New cbrs are single pot bikes outta the cbr and ninja I'd go ninja especially with the new 300 on offer it'll be easy to argue a dealer down in price on a 250 ninja ....I dunno where your reading your reviews but both the ninja and cbr have been the most well known learner bikes for years =\ they do their job well and the only reason I'd tell you to chose the Vtr over one is if you were dead set on a naked bike
  16. I found test riding when you've never ridden on the road before to be more stressful than fun, and the dealers I went to seemed reluctant to let an L-plater test ride a bike.
  17. That's because a VTR was imported from Japan when the Aussie dollar was weak, whereas the CBR is being imported from Thailand at a time when the Aussie dollar is extremely strong. The fact they're rusting up so quick suggests you're not getting much in the way of extra build quality for the extra money though.

    The Ninja has only changed a little since the late 1980s, and some of those bikes are still on the road. They worked well then as a first bike, and they work just as well now. In some respects it's a better choice if only for the fact it has a 6-speed gearbox rather than the 5-speed on the VTR. And with something with as lacking in power and torque as a 250 you need all the gears you can get.

    If you want a naked bike have a look for a decent Suzuki GSF250V/Bandit250. They have a much lower seat height than a VTR, and are certainly quite well made and reliable (if they've been looked after).
  18. Imo a 5yo vtr with rust spots is still a better deal than a brand new cbr250 but there's not way in hell I'd pay 5k for one of those either, let alone 3. 4k for the vtr would be acceptable maybe.

    Personal preference here, but I'd take the vtr over the gpx all things being equal but that's just me.
  19. good point - 5 speed gearbox on a 250....fcuk that.
  20. doesn't really need more gears... they have a decent torque spread for a little motor which is why they're so good as a learner bike. They'll happily take off in second or third if you dont get your gears down in time at the lights... even 2 up.

    VTR's are a great bike which is why they've held their value for so long despite LAMS coming in. I don't know how Honda went wrong on the forks... it seems to be a material thing - the crown gets surface rust spots... the good news is it seems to stay on the surface and just be cosmetic if mines anything to go by. I don't think you can go too far wrong with the bike, just try and get the price down as much as you can cause more $$ in your pocket ALWAYS makes a bike a better deal.