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good deal or dodgy as Hell?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Drew, Dec 16, 2005.

  1. Just saw this?

    just wonder what its like??
    So needs a side stand and right side cover by the look of it.......

    Does anyone know where to price these parts and also other spares like the belt drive, brakes other common replacement parts?


    Item number: 4597875360

    anyone know where Grantville is for an inspection? ---- found thisout.... near darn Phillip island.....

    Am considering throwing a bid on it for the hell of it. Then just got to get ito home if i win...... No licence no ttrailer.... bugger....

    Well tell me if im being silly, stupid etc or if itc worth a couple of hundred for a gamble.

  2. GO for it Drew

    They where the last model before the GPZ R model the first of the water cooled bikes

    They didnt give much trouble and the missing bits you should get from the wreckers they where as common as GPX and ZZR in the eighties

    and if youre keen they had a 305 model available in europe you could bolt onto the existing bottom end.
  3. Im just concerned about a few things...

    never dealt with belt drives before. Any issues I should know about.

    Getting the spares.

    Ongoing costs. Are bits easy to come by?

    Getting it home should i win.

    I live half way across the state and can't get ti it for an inspection in the tame available. Let alone getting it home.

    *****General Call to all netriders, anyone interested in doing an inspection for me if you can get to the bike? Will reimburse you for fuel time.*****

    I'd have to check with the seller to arrange something of course.
  4. As I remember the belt drives were pretty good, they didn't have to handle a lot of power.
  5. Guess i should say i'll mostly be doing highway work and some round town work.... and of course netrider trip when able.

    Are tere wreckers in Vic that are recommended for parts?? I'd like to check what is available before i ditch cash on this.
  6. Dodgy as hell.

    $1 no reserve auctions means he just wants to dump the load of crap.

    Run, don't walk. Run.
  7. Mota bitz in elizabeth street 1 St
    Victorian Motorcycle Wreckers Heildelberg 2 nd
    South eastern Wreckes Sydney 3rd

    Alternatively grab a copy of just bikes and let your fingers do the walking

    PS You do not need the side stand it has a centre stand.
  8. kinda worried about that....
  9. Not necessarily so... I've sold lots of things with a $1 reserve start that were in good condition.

    I'm selling a mac mini in a couple of weeks that's in perfect working order and it will also start at $1.

    Why would I run the risk?

    Well because in the experience of my better half (170 all positive feedback) and me (43 all positive) and work (51 all positive) most times $1 start auctions attract more interest and more bidding and one ends up with a better, not worse price.

    Would I do it with a $15000 bike? No... because thats an item that might not attract a few bidders... but a cheap 250 isn't the same deal... it's probably only worth about the same as my mac mini and accessories :)


    Do not take any of the above to mean that I am implying you should bid without inspecting it... because I am _not_!
  10. Silly idea..... but would a GPX motor fit into it??

    Just i side thought for worst case scenario...
  11. I'd want to inspect it... or at least get someone to inspect it ias i'd miss heaps of stuff.

    Was just thinking that if its ok and need a bit of spanner work i'd give it a shot as i can work on it while saving for more parts etc.

    apart form the inspection my main worry is getting parts

    and getting it home should i win the auction...... no licence or acces to trailer (or a car that can pull one) kinda means i've got to spend more cash to get it home.....which is back to Kyneton
  12. In short no

    No where on frame to hang rediator etc

    The GPX motor has built as a stessed engine ie frame built onto motor
  13. ah yeah ..... they di it that way don't they oh well just rumbling things around in the head.
  14. For other items on ebay maybe.

    Crap bikes on ebay tend to sell for a lot more than their worth.

    Good bikes go for less.

    The bike ain't roadworthy. A 30 minute inspection isn't going to find out all the crap wrong with it.
  15. Drew, I've noticed you've been trying to buy a wreck to fix up to save some cash.

    You won't save any money.

    Fixing up wrecks is a labour of love rather than a cash saving. Unless you are very, very, very lucky, it will end up costing you more.
  16. You don't need a trailer, it looks like you could get a VicRoads permit like I did and ride it home.

    However, as it's already at $203 and he's a high-rated seller I think it'll go past the $1000 mark before it ends, and that's the absolute maximum I'd pay for a risk like this one.

    His story's a bit suss, too.
  17. but this aint a wreck..... supposedly.

    basically my budget is so tight its waterproof so if i can get an older bike needing some work i'll do it as i can get the parts as i can afford them...... basically a way of stretching the cost of the bike over time.

    But i still need one that works.... a complete wreck of worn out old cycle is still a bit too much for me

    if it costs me a bit more in the end... well i've learned how to put the darn thing together as a bonus to just buy and ride
  18. don't read the story.... hence why i want to get it looked at. At least want someone neutral to say its crap/ok/Stuffed etc.

    As for price.... i'll bid what i'm prepared to pay...... if it goes over that good luck to them

    as for riding it home....... i would but no licence... hence my dilema.

    I could get the deal of the year but no way to get it home.....

    this looks bad and good all at the same time..
  19. Looks like it needs a bit of TLC, but otherwise okay. Should be fairly easy to source parts for also. $750 would be my limit, without inspecting engine/frame condition first. Still, you could pick a decent frame AND engine for probably $200 at the wreckers!
  20. Surely you know of someone that holds a bike license? A car license and hire a trailer? Yeah, could be a decent buy, but it's not the deal of the year....