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good deal? newbie looking for a bike

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by arsenalroc, Aug 7, 2007.

  1. hi
    first off let me say i love this site. it really showed me what a great group of people there are out there! i am keen on a gsf250 bandit- 1990 model and was wondering if you masters out there could tell me on face value that it is a decent deal- i plan to do the usual, get a mechanic to check it out first but was wondering if the price was fair??


    i am allowed to post a link like this? i am sorry if it not allowed- please mods remove if necessary!

    thank you!
  2. Assuming the bike inspection goes well, I'd go for it.
  3. hello buddy.. here is a link to a site called red book. It has listings from pretty much every manufacturer and it shows you the national average private sale as well as the national trade in price for bikes. Maybe you could check this out as it has helped me in the past :)
  4. hey guys thanks for the help
    decided not to go for it- had a look at the bike in person- bad condition even to a newbie like me!
    the hunt continues!
  5. my advice for a first bike is somthing like a GS500 ER5 or best of all CB500. i don't know about the law's but these are best first bikes i'v seen.

    just get something cheap and easy to work on that looks ropy but is mechanicly sound and

    then strip the brakes and clean them

    give it a service

    go right over the bike. check it all out.

    then you'll never loose money on it even when you knock it about abit. and it'll sell quick and easy being cheap.
  6. i wish but the great laws of QLD permit me to a 250cc! :\
    looking at a cb250f now
  7. try to stick to air cooled twin's (or singles). alot easer to get on with and fix. any thing alse will just cost a lot more to fix and a lot more complicated to fix your self.

    unless you are allowed to ride the powerfull 2 strokes and have lots of cash and dont like life.

    a RGV is lots of fun for about 10000k's if you can keep the thing from hitting any thing in that time.
  8. HI, My 2 cents worth, but i usually recommend the VTR 250 to new riders as they are a hassle free bike. They are light and easy to maneuver. But it all depends on your Budget.
  9. i can second the VTR250. a mate of mine had one as a track toy... well a spada, the early ones. good easy bike to ride, lots of fun but just starting to get complicated for home repairs. but such a better bike it's worth the extra work i think.
  10. Go for what you want. Every man and his dog as a VTR250. Also, the suzuki engine is pretty reliable. My across has 44,000K's on it, which has the same motor as the bandit, and hasn't caused me any issues. As long as it has been well serviced i'd jump on it. Although i'd offer him 3k flat.
  11. This was on the market when i was looking for my bike. I seriously considerd it as well. Check your PM's.
  12. i would loooove a vtr250 though the budget wil not allow it!!
    thanks super for the info!
    seen a good lookin cb250f- they sexy :LOL:
  13. Are you in Brissy? I know a ZZR250 for sale :wink:

    And I wouldn't take much notice of Red Book values personally, I am pretty sure Red Book has the value of our 250 (and both cars) at a fair bit more than I would say we could/should sell them for.