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Good Deal ? - 96 Marauder....

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by kazjim, May 30, 2005.

  1. hey all, well i think my search is over, I've found a 1996 Suzuki VZ800 (Marauder ?)

    19500 klm, New rubber (Whitewalls - Woo Hoo!) and good brightwork...
    Got a crappy screen and panniers, but who cares, its $7300 (going to take cash and haggle a little...)

    Its currently at Central Coast Motorcycles and although I've heard they can be a bit dodgey, I've chosen Rick andrews to do my servicing.....

    Sould like a good deal ?
    Its my first cruiser and my biggest bike !
    (currenly on a CBX-250 and a non-finished BSA C15 250)

    a pic here.... http://tcimages.net/DisplayImage.aspx?PD=4554592&S=ISS

    little help ?
  2. Is that a little pricey for that type of bike and that old?
  3. Not my cup of tea, that's for sure, but looks ok. No substitute for a good close look and a good searching test-ride either.
    Central Coast's has been in business for a long long time and has always had a good name as far as I have heard. Of course things can change, but, as with everything, get a number of opinions rather than just trusting one.
    Ric Andrews is likewise a reputable, long-standing dealer.
  4. Hey check out the prices of the new ones. I know someone that paid just over $8k for a Kawaka cruiser and that’s with all the luggage. The Marauder was a little more.
  5. NO :cry:
    9year old bike, 20.000km = about 2000km/year, nobody knows how long it's been standing around before the previous owner decided to get rid of it. Expect some bearing/ seals/ possibly electrical problems/ corrosion in the brake-cylinder-bores, cables bone-dry and a lot less obvious items.
    Doesn't HAVE to be, but it's more likely than not.

    Price way too high for the start,...then add transfer costs/ rego (based on 12mths) etc and things are around the $8k mark. Another screen and a service...$8.5K. Then the shit-hot whitewalls prove to be 5 years old and dangerous in the wet....we're at $9K now (new price was 10K in '97)
    It's not the best-selling item of the lot...we're into winter now and the arse has dropped out of sales...
    Taking all that into account...ponder, ponder...about low-5's I'd say, and that's with some rego left. Mid-5's tops.
    Dealer would've bought for around the mid-3s, giving them 2K profit is enough. If they paid more (on paper) it would've been on a trade-in deal, where they also made $$ at the top-end of the replacement-bike.

    Go and squeeze some tears...and be prepared to walk away from it for a weeks or so before giving them another ring. :D :D
  6. Redbook only lists from '97 onwards:
    Trade in price guide* $3,300 - $3,900
    National average price - private sale* $4,700 - $5,600
    Price when new (RRP) $9,990