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Good day from Parramatta NSW

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Dino_Rossi, May 24, 2016.

  1. Hi All.

    Just joined the Netrider family and happy to be here. :)

    Quick intro - I've ridden motorcycles a few years back but stopped as a result of relocation (from South Africa to Australia). I've gone through the full learners program and now on my red P's (with about 3 months to go until green P's / unrestricted). I've got my wife learning as well and she's been on her L's for about 2 months now.
    For the time being, we're sharing a Honda PCX150. Best middle ground (i.e. wife's choice :() as we're still using public transport Mon-Fri and the car (Renault Megane hatch) on weekends.

    Anyway, enough about me...

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  2. G'day and welcome, Dino_RossiDino_Rossi. Congratulations to you and your wife getting Provisional and Learner licences! How long do you think it'll be before there's tense moments over who's got riding rights of the PCX150 today? What do you think you might upgrade to when the time comes?
  3. welcome aboard :)
  4. Welcome aboard boet!

    Another ex-Saffer here. Watch the events thread for the next Sydney event and join us!
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    Hi XJ6N and Jeffco.

    I've got at least another 1-2 months before it becomes her bike! But considering it's getting into winter, I'm less concerned with her riding too often. I'm trying to get her confident in looking 3-5 seconds forward and hazard perception and that leaves us with her riding on weekends while I drive (either leading or following). So I will get enough seat time over the next 2-3 months no problem! :)

    Upgrading... I've been reading threads and bike reviews for months and I know the best is to go out there and ride... But until I'm unrestricted (already passed 25 years old with full car licence) I'm not keen to try out LAMS bikes.

    My main concern is two-up riding and comfort for the pillion. I've recently been interested in the VFR800 and I've read its a beauty for touring but I'm not convinced its "sporty" seating position would work for the pillion?

    What do you guys ride (on a daily basis and weekend tours)?


    Would be good to join the group ride. Thanks for the invitation.

    How long have you been in Aus? When was the last time you went back?

    Have you converted your Brutale R into a cafe racer?? :eek:
  6. Depends on what sort of bike you want and the budget you have.

    Best bet is to test ride everything in your price range :)
  7. True, my friend...

    I'm thinking about making the most of winter with test rides. Budget is probably under $15k (financed) but I've seen some interesting 300-500cc bikes that I'd like to try two-up as they're priced $7-10k and seem to pack enough punch.
  8. Nice to know that there's a term to your shared motorcycling term. :]

    I'm a newer rider and recently went from a Provisional to full rider licence. One of my concerns was the same - pillion comfort and also the overall ability of the bike to handle a pillion rider. I ended up buying a Kawasaki 1400GTR which I commute on and intend a fair bit of touring kilometres but I was very, very seriously looking at both the VFR800s and also the VFR1200F for the same purposes.
  9. Congrats to you! :cool:

    The Kawasaki's do look capable and popularity of a brand has benefits for those of us with less experience.

    Whereabouts have you been riding? I mostly ride around Parramatta as well as between Parramatta and Rhodes. Nice, quiet area going through Sydney Olympic Park. And there's a practice area where Learners prepare for the MOST so it's a nice stop to encourage the learners (and check out their exquisite LAMS bikes)...
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  10. No 300-500cc bike will be good for two-up duty, not unless you are both 5' tall and weigh no more than 35kg each.
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    Thanks for the tips! (Hopefully this worked)

    Doesn't sound like either of us :oops: I'm 174cm weighing 70kg and the wife is 162cm weighing.... :p so yeah...

    But appreciate the guidance... I think it's probably my lack of riding (both regularity and distance) that makes me feel a +-35kW engine would be sufficient. Test rides are on my to do list :)

    Thanks, mate.
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    Mate I've got a cb400, its at the top end of power for a LAMS bike and it's not TOO bad to squirt around the city with the missus on the back, but anything long distance and you'll be wishing you had more grunt. Solo it overtakes on the freeway fine, quite surprising for a LAMS bike actually, knock it back a few gears and scream past most things at 100-120 no worries, but with an extra xx kilos on the back (might get in trouble for putting an actual number there...), it just doesn't have the pull I like available on a motorway. Also the missus doesn't like it when I knock it back a couple of gears and fling the throttle open when she's perched on the back either :p

    Mate of mine just picked up an old vfr800, he's only had it a few days but he's been singing its praises loudly. Perhaps hornethornet can advise on vfr's, he rides a lovely Tahitian blue one with a beautiful staintune exhaust, that v4 sounds like a song...

    I ride a firestorm as well, and you don't even notice having a pillion on a bike that big until they're 60+ kilos, and even then it's still terrifyingly quick. I haven't really ridden a mid- powered bike with a polling on, so I can advise on cb400 - needs more grunt for touring 2 up, and can advise on vtr1000 - holy moly, torque for days, 2 up no problem. Maybe a little uncomfortable for them on longer rides. Actually even on shorter rides ;-)

    From everything I've heard, you won't go wrong with a vfr800.
  13. That CB400 is an interesting beast... I sat on one a few weeks back (for the first time) and felt the legs to be fairly wide apart (not compared to a scooter!). In comparison, the Triumph Street Triple felt more comfortable (on the legs, not the hands). Does that make me a weirdo? Haha :D probably means I need more time in the gym!
  14. Welcome mate :cool:
  15. Thank you
  16. Thank you (clearly I'm a noob replying to everyone's messages!).
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  17. Thanks very much! I'm not located in Sydney; I live about 5-6 hours' ride away in central NSW near Dubbo and ride around the region every now and then, planning to do some longer rides in all directions soon. Do you have any particular ride destinations or routes you'd like to ride?
  18. I test road a VFR800 before buying my 2012 Z1000 (Bought new). A few things I noticed: The suspension was not set up for me, it had the standard factory settings and it tried to throw me off when I hit a mid corner bump. The Z1000 sailed over the same bump with ease. The VFR is nearly 30 kg heavier than the Z1000 (Nearly 20 kg heavier than the Ninja 1000). The VTEC cuts in at 6,000 rpm and rather than a surge forward, its more like a leap and I found that unsettling in corners where you need a smooth roll on. Everything else about the bike is brilliant.
  19. I'm still new to Aus so don't have much of an idea of great riding routes. A lot of reviews I've read talk about areas between Sydney and Melbourne. So perhaps that's a start...