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Good Crash?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by bigwheels, Feb 27, 2007.

  1. I was trying to explain the joys of what we do to a non-rider, as he wanted to know why we enjoy it so much. I spoke of the challenge, thrills, getting some time alone in your own head, etc. I thought he was getting the message when he floored me with this."You must have seen some really good crashes in all the years you`ve been riding?"

    I can`t repeat my answer here as it wasn`t politically correct nor polite. How would you answer that one?
  2. First I would drop my jaw and give an incredulous glare........................................................and then tell him to GET F@#CKED!!
  3. With violence.
  4. A: How long have you been driving? Have you seen a lot of good pedestrian hit & runs in that time?
  5. Yeah I have.....all caused by D$%^kheads in cars
  6. Isn't it funny how non-riders seem to think that it's acceptable to insult, make assumptions and generally willfully misunderstand riders in any situation?

    We've all had the "temporary visa' jibe, the "you guys must be insane", or "if my boy/girl bought a motorbike I would smash it into pieces" lectures, yet when you point out that the vast majority of motorcycle rider accidents are caused by idiots in cars they turn off? :evil:

    Suggest to them that the torrent of insults that you just spewed at them was "an accident"....

  7. I just say, yeah I remember this one when I was popping a mono across the Bolte Bridge at 3:00am pissed and strung out on ICE when a cop car cut me off and hit the side and nearly went over the edge :roll:
  8. Answer, "You must get beat up alot!" :twisted:
  9. my response would have been "you must have caused a lot of crashes in all the years you've been a fcuk HEAD!!!!!!"
  10. ...the backhanded subtle reference to old age is possibly insulting - otherwise the question wasn't insulting, just ignorant.

    ...giving the guy the benefit of the doubt, maybe he meant "good" in terms of the way we riders like to see a "good" (spectacular?) non fatal motogp/sbk crash where the rider stands up in superhero fashion, runs to the pits and gets on the spare bike to finish off the race???
  11. the person is a "non-rider" he doesn't know what he has just said......give the guy a break...I would have just walked away and said nothing...its not worth it....
  12. Although not really the same thing but along the same line....when I got my Ls and rode the bike to work a couple of colleagues thought it would be funny to say ..."oh...another temporary Australian" f&%kwits... :evil:
  13. A long stare then turn and walk away.
  14. +1 :rofl:
  15. Oooooh the big mean driver said we crash a lot, oooh I'm gonna cry too, waaah waaah mummy.

    Seriously, some of you need to be slapped, bunch of babies.

  16. Yeah, that response is bullshit, but who really cares what other folks think. I do pretty much what I want to do. If others dont appreciate that, then tough. Some people get off on collecting stamps, or fly fishing etc. I dont make value judgements, but if others do, then good bluddie luck to them. yYou only live one time.