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QLD Good Cop (who would've thunk it?)

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by zaphius, Jun 5, 2015.

  1. Got pulled over by a remarkably reasonable motorbike cop this morning, who chose to some what restore my faith in the constabulary by choosing to educate me rather than fine me.

    I'll admit I was in the wrong, edge filtering down a breakdown lane near my place. It's a 60 zone, but no risk of pedestrians jumping out as the phantom lane runs between a ramp to a freeway and the road I was on.

    Cop was waiting in traffic and when I got to the lights he filtered up next to me. Proceeded to tell me that what I'd done was technically illegal unless on a road >80km/hr, and I need to split up the middle instead. Then went on to say he personally didn't wasn't a fan of the law, as with his massive bike it would make life easier to go up the edge, but the law is the law and it's there to protect pedestrians. He was all very friendly about it, then waved me on when the light went green.

    I'm usually not a fan, and motorbike cops have always seemed the most vindictive from past experience, but this bloke saw a problem, fixed it rather than go straight for the fine, and I'm pretty grateful.

    Just thought I'd share, as there's more than enough rants about the bad ones it worth remembering that they can be human sometimes.

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  2. Boy did you get lucky. I do like hearing stories like this though.
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  3. Probably just basking in the afterglow of booking a bike doing 62 in a 60 zone with a blinker not as 'orange' as it's supposed to be, 10 minutes before he saw you. Still in the process of filling his 'prick-meter'!
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  4. He also got this bit wrong, as it applies to 90km/h or above.

    You are lucky, there was a post on here from a guy nabbed for doing exactly this in the electronically controlled section of the Gateway motorway, result was ~$400 fine!
  5. You right their not all arseholes.
    I got pulled over last month by highway patrol. I was stuck behind a P plater (driver) that was sitting in the right lane with no one in the left lane next him. He didn't move over so I gassed it around him and jumped back in the right lane doing approx. 115km in a 100 zone.
    Copper saw all this and pulled me over.
    Copped a lecture and said he could fine me for speeding, sitting in the right lane on a 2 lane hwy and for my bar end mirrors. I also had a tinted visor on which he did say anything about.
    Let me off with a warning which surprised me as he had the shits that he didn't catch the tradie in the dual cab that was driving like a tosser. He was catching up to the tradie until he saw my shenanigans. My lucky day I suppose, I did admit to it all and knew I did the wrong thing. He also mentioned that he was a rider which probably helped alot
  6. I have exactly 2 things to say, I love my now rubber mounted vibration free mirrors and but these incidents where paltry infractions .
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  7. #7 oldcorollas, Jun 5, 2015
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    did you know you were in the wrong before he educated you? or more just a friendly reminder :)

    what's the next speed limit >80km/hr? :D 83? 87? 90? :D
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  8. How much do you get pulled over??? Might want to get your act together ;)
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  9. Contrarily, I have always found Motorcycle cops to be the easiest to deal with, they get bike riding for pleasure. For true unsupported bastardry Hwy Patrol pursuit cars are the ones with the greatest chips on their shoulders. My experience anyway.
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  10. probably because people keep trying to run them over :D
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  11. I've had two ridiculously bad cops over the years.
    One was a Hwy patrol with a massive chip on his shoulder, who threatened to bite my finger off and do all many of vulgar acts with it afterwards. When his partner realized I actually was telling the truth and pointing at the car which went through the red light rather than the accusation of me giving him the bird after he honked his horn at me. The said officer went back to the patrol car and left his partner to smooth it over.
    It probably helped that I knew for a fact there was no green arrow at that intersection so his story was pure fiction.....

    The other one was a motorcycle officer out of Brunswick in Victoria who crossed over three lanes and a median strip to chase me. He accused me of many things as well. Apparently his partner at a chase with the same model bike as mine the day before and thought it was me.
    So again lots of allegations with no substance.

    He ended up booking me for an obscured license plate. Which was a lie he simply couldn't do anything else. He said it was on too much of an angle!!!!
  12. They have good days and bad days just like us. When you deal with the dregs like they so often do they sometimes loose perspective.

    I just think it's amusing that people stereotype them when there personal contact is usually very minimal. It's always my mates cousin had this happen or a blokes brothers cousins sister had this cop that .... and so on.

    Unless you've been pulled over say a dozen times and they were all pricks then you could be justified in saying I've never met a cop I've liked! lol ;)

    I know I would still rather them around than the anarchy that would ensue without them.
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  13. You obviously don't live in Victoria, a dozen times is a quiet weekend. ;)
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  14. They are mostly friendly here in Adelaide. Particularly she who must be obeyed ;)
  15. last time would've been 10 years ago, so I think my act is pretty together already.
  16. Good on ya :)
  17. Not all highway patrol cops are out to get riders.

    A few weeks back I was pulled over by a highway patrol car who said he had clocked me doing 10 to 15 over the limit in a 100 zone. Initially he was quite formal. My approach was to be courteous as he was only doing his job, and after checking my details he waved me off with a warning to be careful, especially ahead as bad weather was rolling in.

    I have no doubt there are good and bad, however we only ever seem to hear about the bad. It only fair to recognise that there are a lot of good cops out there.
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  18. #18 BitSar, Jun 6, 2015
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    I'm not one to bash a good story.

    Count yourself lucky it wasn't the vigilante Cop(s) on the Orange KTM's........

    Nope....where's the BS emoticon when I need it?

    Might want to employ "I saw you before you saw me"

    Just 'sayin

    Yeah - but in Adelaide you could fire a Cannon down Rundle Mall at 10pm on a Saturday night and no one would know.

    Nice wine.
    Better beef.

    But no.....you don't get to 'educate' on 'policing'

    Bring Shiraz.
  19. Fark you multi-quote.
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  20. That doesn't help, you can't ride down Rundle Mall.
    But no, Adelaide cops don't seem to have the Bastardry gene that pervades the Victorian police force.