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Good cop story

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Tiga, Jul 6, 2007.

  1. As many of you many know about 9 months ago Jason and I had our bikes stolen form our apartment garage. I lost my Daytona 675 and Jason his R1. Today thanks to the efforts of the Vic police we have the R1 back in the garage.

    It’s not quite in the condition it was when it left us but something is better than nothing. The guy who was caught with it had written off his own 2002 R1 in an accident. Not wanting to buy a new bike he “received†our R1 and then put all the good (still useable bits) from his old bike onto it.

    Unfortunately to complete the theft he changed the vin number in the frame and due to that it will never be given a road worthy/registration. The police found the original vin number near the bike but apparently you don’t get to just swap them back (and it looks like a pretty tricky job anyway).

    What amazes me is the effort that was put into the bike to rebirth it. The hours that were put in must have been significant. When we went to see it I initially didn’t recognise it. I can’t help thinking that if the guy in question had put that much effort into paid employment he could have bought himself a new bike legally.

    Anyway, this thread is not soo much about the bad guys but is meant to provide some recognition to the good work that the police do at times. The detective who ran the case specialised in motorcycle thefts, knew all about bikes, seemed to know all the tricks behind rebirthing and did all the work to take the case from its inital stages right through the courts to completion. Good work Victoria Police :)
  2. Yay! Track bike!

    Hey, haven't seen you around for a while (either at coffee or on NR). Been busy?
  3. That's great news (sorta)! :grin:

    Were the cops nice enough to let you and Jason have a quiet moment alone with the thieving prick? That would make it perfect. :)
  4. its good u got ur bike back. cops get too much negative press, you hardly hear of people getting their stolen items recovered
  5. So what happened with insurance etc? Im assuming yo uwere paid out by the insurance company? What happens to this bike then? You get to keep it or does the insurance company take ownership?

    Good to see a (kinda) happy outcome!! :grin:
  6. Great news - Like Cejay says "Track Bike" woohoo....!!!

    I bet you never thought you would ever lay eyes on the R1 again - its good to know that all these months that have passed since it was taken, work was being done to try and get you the bike back...
  7. Well that's sort of good news.

    Track bike here we come! :grin:
  8. Fantastic news!

    What happens to it now Kath, hasn't insurance paid you out and all? Wouldn't they own the bike now?
  9. Seeing as Tiga seems unavailable at the mo - I'm pretty sure that at the time, although the 675 was insured - the R1 wasnt... so I guess the bike is now their's :grin: :grin: :grin:
  10. Well remembered Geordielass!

    See, alcohol is good for the brain!
  11. Lmao - I do have occasional moments of clarity :grin: :grin:
  12. Good to hear! Did you guys have theft insurance? How is it going to work, is the guy liable to pay for a replacement or what?
  13. Good memory GL. It was indeed only the 675 that was insured so we get the R1 back. However, it’s going to be difficult to turn it into a track bike as we do not own a car or trailer and it is definitely not ok to ride it on public roads. I think Jason will probably put it up for sale sometime soon.

    Seany, I’ve got mixed feelings on the guy who was caught with it. He didn’t steal it because he was in hospital from a previous bike accident at the time it was stolen. To be honest I don’t know really his story. I’d like to think he’s just a guy who made some poor decisions after writing his own bike off in a crash. Alternatively he may be a hardened criminal that simply got the karma he deserved. I hope its 1 and not 2, but I’ll never know.

    cejay, After over 2 months of 100hr weeks my current transaction is winding down (thank heavens). Working hard is fine at times but I’m really lucky to be able to get so much out of riding. I went for my first real ride last Sunday (in pretty crappy weather) and within a couple of hours the world was shinny and new for me again. It’s times like that when I know why I ride. Not sure I could ever explain it to a non rider but that’s why I’ve got everyone here :)
  14. Track bike and no car is difficult, though SBS were talking about offering a garage service. Definitely something worth asking about, as the bike has been mentally written off sometime ago (huge assumption I know).

    100hr weeks. Crazy. I was in HK a few weeks ago and 5 days of 12-15hrs was enough for me. It wasn't the work or the long hours, just the total lack of downtime between stopping, sleeping and then work again. All that way and all I saw was the hotel, a walkway and an office block :( China in two week and the same thing.
  15. Was that Clarity or Claret?
  16. Thats good news :) im really pleased for you guys
  17. That cop who specialises in bike thefts sounds like a top bloke.

    Hope he's getting paid loads of cash, rides himself, and shows no mercy.
  18. +1 on the good news!

    Also good to see you back on the boards Tiga. :)

    SBS are offering garaged bikes for I think $30/week. I think...

    ...well, I wont be getting to PI any time soon :( After getting the roady serviced, plus some cosmetic repairs done, plus upgrading my home security after a burglary... I might just be lucky enough to get some track time in February next year at this rate... I mean there's still a track bike to get tracked up first... oh and the obvious limitation of winter paddocking that sees me struggling to get into my one piece... lol...

    You guys doing 100hours/week... that's just plain nuts! Glad to hear you survived.


    ...p.s. Most probably claret... :p
  19. Last time I saw you, you didn't look that bad!
  20. LMAO @ Cejay! :rofl:

    Touche man. Pay that. :)

    ...yep I got some bloketox work done... apparently I've lost some of my snaggness...