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Good Cop Stories

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by gadagada, May 29, 2007.

  1. Good Cop Story:

    They had just changed a right hand turn to not being able to do it anymore with a new sign. My mum was rushing & did her usual right hand turn to quickly get my sibling to school on time.

    Mum was saying goodbye & be good to my sibling until they pointed to mums driver side window & there was a police man with motorbike helmet on knocking at it...

    mum screamed as he scared the life outta her & as she rolled down the window he asked my mum how she hasnt seen him flashing his lights & sirens behind her & she simply said u friggen gave me a heartattack now to make up for it... so he apologised and went on his way :LOL:
  2. I didn't know that cops in Iceland rode bikes :? how bizzare :shock:
  3. Well the oblivious always get off it seems....

    I was approaching an intersection in the town centre of a place I didn't know well. There was a car waiting to turn right, and I saw him take his blinker off and he 'baulked', and I expected him to cut left into my path... he didn't, but as I crossed the lights a cop car did a quick turn and pulled me. He told me I had gone through on red. I said I wasn't watching and apologised, and explained I'd been watching the car because I expected him to cut me off, and possibly the reason he apparently aborted his turn and jerked his car was because he saw it change... but I didn't because my attention was on a car that experience suggested could kill me.

    The cop said he understood, and although he was going to ticket me for going through the red, I should write a letter to the address on the back, it would be put to him personally, and he would suggest they withdraw the fine.

    I wrote, it was withdrawn. Quite amazing.