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Good cop stories?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Moff, Oct 27, 2008.

  1. Hey all.

    Yesterday evening, I was riding through the Yarra Bend, Nice sunday arvo ride, When my brother and I were pulled over by a Cop. Gray Commodore.

    He told me he uses this forum as he is also a bike rider. Just wanted to give the guy a quick heads up and a thanks. He was a really nice guy. Just a quick Licence check, smoko and showing me around his car. Had quite alot of gear in his boot.


    Thanks again :) You give cops a good name :)


    P.S Not to sure if this was the right thread ;)
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  2. It might have been Hubie.
    Lucky Sw***en didn't pull you over, he would have thrown the book and then the publisher of the book at you.
  3. So why the hell did he pull you over, any valid reason?
  4. Who?

    And what was censored out?
  5. Nah just a licence check. Pulled over about 10 bikes. All just random checks.

    Didn't bother me. A reason for a smoko :)
  6. I was out there in the afternoon. Seems like if I had come a bit later I might have met the notorious Hubie. :)
  7. I don't wanna name him fully but think if swine without the e
  8. :LOL:
    Actually Hubie rides a new BMW smee :wink:
  9. I'm not talking about Hubie!!!!!
    I'm talking about the other prick who throws the book and the whole library at you.
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  10. I'm sure he wasvery nice and all, but why the F**K should bike riders have to expect being pulled over randomly for 'licence checks'? How many car drivers would put up with this harassment? Its only because we're in a minority that they get away with it. Fair enough if they have a reasonable suspicion that something is wrong, but I suspect that's rarely the case. Power corrupts and all that.
    Rant over!
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  11. Oh, get over yourself. I have been pulled over heaps of times for no reason in my car for a quick check. And have you heard of RBTs? It is entirely reasonable for Police to pull people over randomly for checks. And if one week they are pulling over bikes and the next week cars, and the week after trucks(or leaving it to the inspectors), then so be it. And when I have been pulled over randomly, either on a bike or in a car I have yet to meet an unfriendly cop. There might be some out there but the vast majority are courteous and just doing their job in a polite manner.

    And after all, it is only the law-breakers that will fall foul of them. For example, the unlicenced, unregistered assholes who give proper riders a bad name and screw innocent parties when they crash into them with no third party! Not to mention the thieves riding around on stolen bikes.

    So get over your immediate prejudice against Police and see this for what it is - a way of helping the law-abiding members of society.
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  12. (excluding RBT)
    times pulled over randomly in the car = 0 over 5 year
    " " " " on the bike = 7 over 15 months

    no speeding fines or traffic violation on the bike
  13. OK, sorry (ducks behind hastily erected sandbag wall) I did sound a bit over the top.
    I have a lot of respect for the police generally, and friends in the force, but do not appreciate random checks.
    I was of the understanding (correct me if I'm wrong) that when RBT came in legislation had to be introduced to allow it, simply because it was a 'random' check, while normally there has to be some suspicion of an offence. Such legislation has not yet been introduced for other random checks. Obviously the police would have a lot of leeway with what is and is not suspicious, but my impression is that this is becoming more and more prevalent and therefore accepted.
    I too have never had to deal with an unfriendly or impolite cop (and I'm always polite and friendly too), but that doesn't mean I have to like being delayed in going about my lawful business for no good reason.
    Cheers, David.
  14. I get waved through every sing RBT I come accross on the bike. And waved into every single one in my car. F#cking cops. Harrassing poor innocent car drivers. C#nts, the lot of em.
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  15. If I think about the number of people I know who drive unlicensed or unregistered, and the number of people who ride thus, I can't blame the cops for pulling over bikes a lot! Then again, my crowd's all bike riders who consider cars boring (I've never owned one!), so it's a limited sample, but I suspect two wheels are rather over-represented in these naughty acts...
  16. (excluding RBT)
    times pulled over randomly on sports bikes = 0 over 3 years
    times pulled over randomly in the awesome bike= 3 over 8 months
  17. statistical proof my bike is more than 7/3rds more awesome than yours es :) and ....lest not forget 8/4ths bigger :p
  18. i think its just 10x loud :p
  19. only 10 times? thats got to be an understatement...

    on the Bike I have been pulled over 3 times in 12 months, 1 Booze bus, ! roadside RBT, and a GP weekend licence and rego check!

    In the same 12 months in car/s... 2 Drug Buses, 3 booze buses, 7 or so RBT, and a couple of Licence Checks(Man maybe the cops are hoping to ping me for something :eek: ). Cop pulls you over, Say "g'day, hows it going? and have your licence ready. Seems if you start off open and friendly, the incident always goes easy.
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  20. nah no way. If they are out to hassle you thats what they are going to do regardless. when i was pulled over (after a RBT) near chapel st they were absolute arseholes when i was nice as pie. last time was just as shitful.