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Good commuting bike for newbie

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by tmwt, Sep 1, 2013.

  1. So I finally did a Qride course and can now ride by myself. After a bike that I can ride to work and can carry my fairly large work bag (approx 15kg).

    At this stage I am thinking of a Honda CT110 Postie. Can carry a load. Good city bike. Cheap to buy. Easy to get parts.

    Any other bikes I should consider?

  2. Depends on your budget, and the sort of riding you plan on doing. Just commuting? Just a few kms in on suburban roads, or 50km at 110km/h on the freeway?
  3. Just commuting on suburban roads. Roads are in the 60-80 range. The odd 100kmph stretch but not on my normal route.

    Thinking the CT110 will handle the 80 zones fine but not the 100.
  4. Do you want to ride it for fun at all??
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  5. Gpx250, zzr250, hyo gt250, gt650
  6. Riding for the moment is to be practical. Storage is a huge issue so that writes off base jumpers options.
  7. Not really a Ventura rack and bags can carry heaps. If you buy a postie be prepared to go shopping again fairly soon after.
  8. VTR250 would be my recommendation!

    I believe you can get Ventura racks fitted on the VTR, can't you?
  9. Yes, but Ventura bags have a 10kg limit bear in mind...
  10. R15....3500 on road
  11. I commute daily on an ER5 Kawasaki. Was less than 3k so cheap and cheerful as well as very easy to drive and works for normal size people not these horrible little 125's dressed up in fairings. Still somewhat fun in the hills if you fancy a weekend run.
  12. Malvern Star if you believe the media.
  13. Was hoping for something that can carry a bit more than the 10kg limit of Ventura. Thinking the postie will be the best option with a decent sized box on the back.
  14. Sounds like uv already got ur mind set on a postie so off u go then.
  15. Hmm had a bit of a burn on a postie today. Seems alright but a bit gutless.

    In my search I came across a Yamaha Virgo. (http://www.teammoto.com.au/used_bik...ce_from=4000&price_to=810,811&stock_id=806463) While I don't really like the touring look, it did have a good rack on the back instead of a seat for a pillion that could carry some decent weight.

    Could be interested in something a bit more sporty then a postie provided it can do something similar to the Virago above so it can carry a load. Any half decent LAMS bikes that you could pick up for less than $3k second hand?
  16. Just anecdotally, I pretty routinely carry a metric fcuktonne more than 10kg on my ventura rack, when the load's properly distributed across the pillion seat... You'd be amazed how much gear you can carry on a relatively small bike, safely, if you think it through. With both bags back to back it'll hold two cartons of beer (broken down into sixpacks) with room to spare. Full touring setup on my little cb400:
  17. Most bikes you can carry that weight on with a tank rack and so on, doesn't seem like it should concern you much. I mean a pillion is going to weigh a lot more than 15kg! So why do none of basejumpers's suggestions work for you?

    I have carried a shit tonne of stuff on my bike (VTR250) though I only have a 15L gear sack so sometimes I have worn a backpack as well.
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    CBR125R you can get for about 3K or under, mine sold for $2500. Bit bigger than the postie bike, can be a bit gutless esp if you start loading it up with either other people or stuff. I would recommend you get a 250 minimum to be carrying stuff but then the price goes over 3k but you'd be much better off spending the extra.

    I have a 2011 CBR250R that I bought brand new, it's also only a single cylinder like the 125 above but it utilises it's power extremely well and it's tremendously well balanced and handles beautifully. My stepdad rides 1000cc BWM's etc and has been riding since he was a teenager (is now 73!) and he couldn't praise the bike enough when he had a go on mine and he'd def know what he's talking about.

    No probs at all with torque off the line or up hills and I've done interstate trips to Vic on it from Adelaide with a load and it handled it wonderfully inc at highway speeds. It doesn't have fantastic accelleration being a single 250 but because of it's torque you don't really miss it. You don't get blown and battered around so much with the wind due to the heavier weight of the 250 as opposed to the 125 I've found also. You can pick them up for about 4k give or take a few hundred.
  19. KLR650 or DR650