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Good City Ride

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by heavyw8, Apr 17, 2005.

  1. hi there.

    for those that live inner city...

    with a couple of hours to kill for a ride... which roads would you head down and why? (scenery, roads, absence of police etc...)

  2. Best rides would have to be Dandenong Ranges, Yarra Valley & Mornington Peninsula. All achievable in a couple of hours from inner city or don't forget Studley Park, Yarra Blvd & out round Templestowe/Warrandyte. As for roads too many to list but there is a link somewhere in here for a detailed list of all of those. Ask Deb real nice & I'm sure she'll put it up for you Just remember these rides are always more fun if you take a friend or 60 with you!
  3. i agree...

    anyone want to ride tonite...

    happy for you to come along.

  4. Thinking of a ride....bike's clean (please nobody hurt themselves as they fall over in shock!!!) but I've had a bottle of red to myself, so........will have to wait methinks!

    :D :D :D
  5. LOL @ lil. Yes dear i don't thinks it's a good idea to mix a bottle of red and riding. Although your bike is a nice shade of red aswell i think you've had enough red for tonight! LOL.

    Damn i love girls in leather who ride, especially one on ducati.


    P.S. SO can't wait for the GP tonight
  6. Your in a prime spot to have a balt along the Yarra Boulevard and The Boulevard. Just keep following the Brown scenic route shields with the number 2 in them (Signifying the Yarra Scenic trail which starts at Williamstown and end out at Warrandyte.).....all the corners should be sign posted so you shouldn't get lost if you connect with it.

    From warrandyte its not too far to Kingslake where there are some very nice twisties.

    The off ramp from Hoddle street onto Heidelberg Road is a bit of fun as well. Or go for a run along the freeways and take all the sweeping offramps on and off the freeway.

    Pleanty more rides you can check out in the below websites:


  7. Bottle of Red + Red bike = Red stuff on bitumen.
  8. Boulevard is heavily patrolled during the weeknights (when it's noice), and the weekend (also when it's noice). Not so much during the working hours on weekdays. :)