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Good cheeper protective gear

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Glennb, Sep 6, 2005.

  1. Hi all. Bought a bike today and picking it up tomorrow but I have no gear and I paid a little more than I wanted to for a bike so I am restricted myself a little on the clothing side.
    So can people run of a few brands of helmets for around $200-250
    Gloves $80-100
    Jacket $250-300
    Just want to know best buys for the $ and so I know Im not paying 2 much for the brand I buy.

  2. Best bet is just to go and have a look and try on for yourself. There's too numerous to mention so you'll have no touble.
  3. What Seany said.
  4. what bike did you get dude? look at helmets without graphics they're always cheaper than colourful ones.

    $50 should buy you some leather gloves
  5. I bought a NEX brand fibreglass helmet on sale for less than $200 though normal price was only $250.
  6. If you're not fussed about looking daggy, try cash converters for a jacket, but get a new helmet and gloves.
  7. Nitro 510V helmet is $180
    MotoDry jacket with armour on shoulder, sleeves $249
    Spider boots $149
    Rivet gloves $59

    These are RRP prices, haggle for a bundle
  8. cash converters, would never thought of that thanks.
    Got a GPX250 00 model green and emack condition.
    Thanks for that guys I just dont want to walking in a motor bike store with sucker L plater on my forehead (s) and pay to much for a crappy brand.
    are bike shops known for giving discounts if spending $500+??
  9. Unless the items you're buying are already on sale then you should expect some sort of discount if buying all your gear at the one time. If not then you can always try somewhere else.
  10. When is the next discount night at that place in Ringwood (can't remember the name - grey matter segmentation error - data not recoverable)? Glennb is not far from there.
  11. That'd be BikeMart - eh, old fella?
  12. or, log onto mcas.com.au and shop for stuff on-line, one of the biggest re-sellers in the country.
  13. Is it time for my cocoa and slippers?

    Check out ebay - good used gear seems to come up fairly often.
  14. Cheers guys, have good idea now.
    Always forget about ebay, Ill try that 2.
  15. Careful what you search for in ebay though or you could end up with protective gear like this:
    Leather Pants :LOL:
  16. motorcycle expo on in 2 weeks, you may pick up a bargain there, could also try other forums,
  17. LOL,
    thanks guys I went into peter stevens Ringwood and they did me a good, sorry great deal. They have specials on at the moment on and i even got a special deal on top of the special.All up I saved from full price $380. from discounted prices was $50.Got more for $600 dollars than I thought.
    Just need pants now.(but not the above ones :wink: )