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Good carpark to practice?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by swiss, May 20, 2007.

  1. G'Day everyone,

    I was wondering if anyone knows of a good, empty carpark in my area, or somewhere not to far away. I live in Sydney, on the North Shore. Turramurra to be precise. Im just looking for somewhere where i can practice slow riding and manouvering with no worry of being run over.


  2. Try find a empty shopping centre car park at night
    Or a sports field carpark, I am on the NSW Central Coast and there is a field near me that has a about a 50 car park and I have used that many times to practise
  3. Warriewood shopping centre at night. Probably any carpark @ night would be the go, as long as you dont mind it being dark obviously.
  4. Stay away from many undercover car parks though, they have very slippery floors! Due to the epoxy coatings.

    A grab of front brake will see you on the ground.
  5. hey mate. I just got my L's today, and hopefully a bike in the next few days - I am in chatswood and looking for the same thing, a decent place to practice! If you find anything near by let me know too :grin:
  6. Well after going exploring for a bit i just remembered the car park next to turramurra station, behind the shops :roll: It's not exactly flat or very big, but it should do the job. As long as it empties out at night. Other than that I'm still looking for others.
  7. not sure were it is but there is a closed down RTA with the training/testing car park still accessible to all. and it has markings on the floor for the test too! suburb starts with S or L ...

    otherwise make sure that there are no residential houses anywhere near you practice place... Bikes are not silent you know, specially not when you learning to fast idle :D

    i just do it on back streets of Rosebery, lots of stop signs and roundabouts, plus warehouses and no traffic at night...

  8. Shopping centre or university/college/tafe carparks can be great places to practice riding. So can industrial areas on sunday mornings. If you can handle being up and about that early on a sunday. :grin: