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Good bye noble topbox!

Discussion in 'Luggage' started by smileedude, Mar 18, 2015.

  1. My top box decided it lost it's will to live today. Riding into the eastern distributor I feel a tap tap on my back as it said good bye to me and jumped from my moving bike.

    Do I leave it for dead I thought? No my lunch is in there. Stuffed lamb spit roast. No way I'm leaving that behind. So hazards go on I stop on one of Sydneys busiest roads. I was quite lucky actually. I'd just passed a stopped lane road works so the traffic was much lighter than it normally is.

    A big hats off to the ute driver who stopped behind me he reversed picked up my box, chucks it in his tray and delivers it to me, while shepherding me from cars. What a champion!

    Now here's the real strange part of this story. As I got off my bike I found a really squashed piece of top box. Oh fark, it's destroyed I thought. MY LAMB! As I see the ute driver pick up my box I look down at the shattered remains of the box in my hands. It's not mine. Someone else's box has jumped in the exact same spot as mine. I think I've found The Gap of the top box world.

    So the top box is looking rather shabby. Mind you it still does everything top boxes are supposed to do, I can put stuff in it and it makes my bike look ugly. 10/10. Though it fails miserably at the part where it's supposed to not jump off a moving bike. I could probably fix that with cable ties but I should probably buy a new form of luggage, the current one is clearly fed up with carting my shit around. I need to buy something that locks and is secure, the more room the better, looks don't matter to me. Any recommendations? Doesn't need to be a top box, I'm open to any suggestions.
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  2. I can lend you my Kriega US30 long term until you decide what you want to do, I picked up an R30 at the weekend.

    Also there's no way the top box made your bike any uglier than it already was. :finger:
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  3. Did you have a look around for odd socks? I think that spot must be a odds and end time continuum whirlpool. lol
  4. Thanks womble, but I'm really not a big fan of soft bags, they are great for touring but I wouldn't trust them on my bike with all my gear in it while leaving the bike for the day when commuting. The crumpled box will do fine until I have a replacement system figured out.
  5. I'm thinking some kind of 3 piece system along these lines would be best for my needs.

  6. If THAT fell off it would leave a bike-sized crater in the road.......
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  7. Here's the one for you.

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  8. Where do I put the dudette?
  9. Who needs a topbox? Might not be roast lamb, but I'm sure Roast Duck would do?
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  10. She could sit quite comfortably in there. Put a little chair in it.
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  11. Make your own? I did...


    Alternatively, a big cheap top box is the bestem top box

  12. Bestem 929 is the box I had actually. It lasted a good 6 years and I was very happy with it before it went suicidal. But I think it's time to upgrade to something larger. I quite like the look of your system actually. Might be worth doing something similar.
  13. You and hand tools smileedudesmileedude....

    You will just hurt yourself
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  14. How to over here: https://netrider.net.au/threads/middos-weestrom-projects.158796/
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  15. Woah there, that's a bit out of my skill level... bloody impressive.

    How do you find the panniers when traffic splitting? Do they restrict you at all or are your handlebars still your cat whiskers?
  16. They are slightly wider than the bars, about 3 or 4 cms, so the bars are still a good gauge to see if I will fit through. I do tend to err on the side of not filtering if I'm not sure though, as they are steel and will make a mess of mirrors or paint on cars. I also don't need to filter much in Geraldton, but in Perth I do a fair bit.
  17. I'm having a bit of a laugh at the crate...seriously considering using one to transport 3 of the 4 black dogs that'll be on my bike for Sunday's Black Dog Ride.
  18. I do the milk crate when I need extra room to go shopping. Its main advantage is being able to tie a couple greenbags to the top on each side. Well worth modifying one to easily attach when needed by cutting up a couple occy straps.