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Good Bye my friends....

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Captain Insano, Jun 6, 2013.

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  1. Hi dear friends,

    I have loved my time on this world.... I have met some good people and some bad.... I have known the best this wourld has got to offer and not...

    To @blackadder I say sorry.... I was always true to what you said... I never pretended to be someone I'm not... and I'm sorry you thought otherwise...

    @deadman .... I l\enjoyed being your apprentice.... loved the roads you showed me... always grateful for everything you did...

    thanks netrider... thanks for all the company and companionship you ever gave me... @Ned and others... I might join you someday in another ride.... if I survive the next few days.....

    Thanks for everything people... you gave a lonely, depressed person a few reasons to live... and im grateful.....

    Love and respect!!!
  2. Would somebody care to explain this post to me?
  3. He's dying....but if he survives the next few days then he lived and he'll go riding with Ned
  4. ? Are you ok?
  5. I suggest if anyone knows this person that they get to their place post haste, I do not like where this is going.
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  6. Who else has been on Ned's rides?
  7. Shit dude, that reads an awful lot like a suicide note. Whatever it is that you're going through, it's not worth doing that to yourself.

    Please give LifeLine a call on 13 11 14.
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  8. +1

    Also: http://mantherapy.org/
  9. got his mobile number. What do I do now? call 000?
  10. Call him first and then 000.
    Too concerning not to do anything.

    I hope someone knows where the dude is.
  11. Good to see the post is back in case more details from it are needed.

    I did call 000 and gave his mobile number to them.
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  12. Does anyone know @Ned and / or @deadman. If so call them now. They may no where he lives.
    Of you ring 000 they will need to know where to go.

    Is there anyone here who is a skilled counsellor in these matters ?
    Maybe have them call.
  13. Ned has been called by greybm but isn't answering. Chris is trying deadman
  14. I called him , but no answer :( ... So left a message ..

    If you're reading any of this Sujay , please call someone ..
  15. Tried Ned, no answer on his phone. I don't have Deadman's number. If anybody does can they try him. I have PM'd them both but they are not online.

    Sujay call one of us, we are concerned.
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  16. He was last seen online ~9:35pm. And it seems he is back here again (11:17pm).

    Dude, tell someone you are ok.
    You do see this!
  17. fark me. Never thought I'd have another night of cops in my room
  18. Sujay, we have not met, but thanks to our shared love of motorcycles, belong in the same global family. There are many among us who care for you.

    Please do not do anything irreversible.
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  19. Anything we can help you/cops with?
  20. Sujay, how about you talk to us a bit more,?
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