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Good bye Blackbird, Good bye VTR1000

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Gixxa Freddy, Mar 6, 2008.

  1. I am saddened to be the bearer of such terrible news about the passing of these dear old friends. :LOL: (as per AMCN)

    Seriously though, it's about time that both bikes came in for a major re-think. Will be interesting to see what Honda comes up with as a replacement for these two. Both have been around for a very long, fulfilling life.

  2. I note that the Blackbird is still the top selling sport-tourer in Australia (with the Sprint ST second). It's still a top bike in every respect, what else comes close? The K1200S maybe, but it's twice the cost ...
  3. I never liked either. Bring it on!
  4. Maybe major re-think might have been a bit of an exageration but an update was due. Like the big bus just had, a redesign that keeps the character and style of the old bike with updated tech and looks. You look at the bike and know it's new but you imediately recognise it as a busa.

    Since Honda has announced that they are to be discontinued we will never see what these updates may have looked like. Then again, they may just be overing up an update. Never know.
  5. If they have two wheels and don't start with the letter K, I like them. :grin:
  6. Old news - Honda knew they were discontinuing the 'Bird in 2006 - they haven't made any for over a year...

    but the rumour of an all new Blackbird 1300 is kicking out there somewhere :cool:
  7. Stop living in the past.
    There are heaps of other great units out there that shitte all over those bikes.
  8. There have been so many rumours I've given up listening... :roll:

    There's no better sport-tourer on the market, but once they sell so well there will be those that will knock it, usually to be different. You might prefer sport bikes, or nakeds, or twins, or cruisers .... but as a sport-tourer what's there to criticise?
  9. Ergos (standard pegs give me and others cramps even on short rides), huge size and a weird car-like engine that somehow makes 160hp feel a bit boring. And don't get me started on linked brakes.
  10. #10 Spots, Mar 6, 2008
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    Have you seen the spy video someone got of them testing it?
  11. have you tried either of them out???
  12. obvioulsy all those riders that made the xx the number one selling bike in the country know jack shit cos pro pilot and his R1 have the opinion that his bike is so much better.... :roll:

    by all means the r1 is a great bike but why are people so fast to put other peoples pride and joy down so fast???
  13. The Bird was and still is a great bike.. Would happily add one to my collection.

    But i have to be bias here and say you cant beat the 14.. :grin:
  14. Ride something other than a kow-arse-suck-shit and you'll suddenly realise that there is a whole new world out there ready to be discovered
  15. i am totally happy with the XX and will never get rid of it, but i think if honda dont bring out a replacement a new ZX14 will be on the cards to keep my bird company in the garage... :cool: Black of coarse
  16. wouldnt be without it.... sure i was sceptical at first, til i tried hauling up from warp speens and since then i have never looked back... some of the best brakes i have ever felt... altho i would like to try radial brakes.....
  17. Yes more Kawasaki's... :p
  18. Try some BMW brakes, those things are evil. Loz would be doing stoppies all day long.

  19. Yeah 1000ccVFR! maybe...but I still wpouldn't buy a Honda. :?
  20. I've spent a fair bit of time with multiple examples of both. There's much better mogabikes out there.