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good buy or cheap 5h1t?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by deafwish, Jul 23, 2005.

  1. Sorry....
    Experiencing technical difficulties...... :roll:
    It's an alloy Moriwaka slip on exhaust on Quicksales.com for $250 brand new....
  2. Moriwaki.

    Some relation to the Yoshimura crowd I believe.

    They are very popular in the states, there were 400 heat coloured Ti cans made (Limited Edition) for the RC51 RVT. I tried to get a set for the SP but they were all sold :(

    They look sweet.

    Their Webfright
  3. Actually old man Moriwaki is related to old man Honda originally. I believe that he is the old man's son-in-law. He branched out into his own business making go-faster bits for Hondas and eventually parlayed that into a thriving business.

    He was the guy who recognised Wayne Gardner's obvious talent and assisted him in some of his first overseas racing forays, especially in Japan.

    The company is still very active today making accessories and even was responsible for making the little 80cc bikes that were raced by 13-16 year old kids in Tony Hatton's stable a few years ago.

    Latterly they have been responsible for building a special frame around the V5 Honda engine and racing it in MotoGp.

    A very respected and successful company.
  4. Moriwaki

    Hi Daz
    Moriwaki is a great old company, but just check up that the pipe in question is 100% compatible with the bike; unlike Yoshi and other companies, I don't think they make a wide range of models for lots of different bikes