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good books/reads on motorcycles - any suggestions?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by evelknievel75, Jun 30, 2009.

  1. I just read valentino's autobiography and while i have mucho respect for the guy this book was a difficult read and a little boring ( 2/3 of the book on his swtich to yamaha? pls...! )
    zen and the art of motorcycles was amazing (yes, i know, not only about motorcycles.. )

    what has been your favourite book on riding/racing/travels on bikes?
    I'm looking for some new ones.

  2. I can't remember her (the author's) name, but 'The Perfect Vehicle' is good.

    'The Bike Riders' (again, author?) is great, though its rather some essays, interviews, interspersed with photos, about the Chicago Outlaws during the mid-60s. The author/photographer was one of them.

    'Rockers' (again, I can give you the authors for each if you want but I'm a bit vague today) about the Brit rocker movement is good, lots of good photos like the above, written in the style of pop-history/sociology...

    This is great!: http://ijms.nova.edu/
  3. Uneasy Rider by Mike Carter is a good one.

    Very easy read based on a trip that a newspaper journo took on a BMW around Europe. Having a midlife crisis drove him to buy a GS and bugger off for a few months.

    If you're semi-literate, you'll get through it in a night.

    If you're illiterate, you'll get through it in two. ;)

    Ooh.. Had to edit because I just remembered a Barry Sheene Biography that I found in an op-shop. It carries a very original title "Barry Sheene 1950-2003" and it's written by Stuart Barker. Full of fascinating facts, like how he drilled a hole in his chin piece so his pit crew could poke cigarettes through while he waited for the race to start. :grin:
  4. Race to Dakar by Charley Boorman

    Gives a good insight to anyone remotely interested in one of the toughest erndurance races on a bike :cool:
  5. mondo enduro

    two for the road

    two wheels through terror