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good book on rossi?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by carri27, Mar 6, 2011.

  1. not sure if this should be under 'racing'?? sorry.

    anyway, had a look on amazon and there are just so many books to choose from about him, it's impossible to choose. so looking for a recommendation. anyone read any of them?
  2. Not much help, but on the topic.....

    I'd like a good one too, from the few I have read, which have put me off, they're very..... well what I might call 'faintly fanboy' and assign excuses to all the things that have caused him to lose a WC.

    Frankly there is no denying he is brilliant and a very charismatic and interesting personality, but he is only human, and he can fail all of his own accord.

    If you find a book that seems to have that in balance then let me know ;)
  3. Got a bit of infatuation happening there carrie? :D:D
  4. :LOL:Moi? Never. Mostly just interested in how he's different from other riders. His attitude, his mental approach, his upbringing, how he came to be who he is.

    Actually, a good dvd doco would do the trick if nobody's particularly inclined towards any one book.

    oh, and maybe just a teeny bit of infatuation for a bit of extra motivation ;)
  5. There aren't any yet, Carri. When he retires, the good ones will come. There is one, called "What if I never tried it" It's not so bad.
  6. They'll all be at clearance prices at the end of this season.

    "What Was I Thinking..?" will be released about then, but it'll mostly just be a 2011 season review.
  7. His autobiography "What if I had never tried it?" is quite interesting, especially the bits about how he and his mates at 14 used to soup up vespas and tear around creating havoc in their local town. He reveals as much as he wants to reveal, though - it's very carefully guarded - but an interesting insight into the early Rossi and where he came from.
  8. Rose, it is more than interesting, it is also an extremely great motivational book. Have read it a couple of times or three......
    After I had read it, I presented each of the sons with a copy for that thing I used to do under the Chrissie tree.

    When I was in KL for the Malaysian GP last year, Rossi's mum stayed at the same hotel. We became instant friends, cause we both have er....can I say it er..... dyed red hair.......