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Good bike mechanic on the Gold Coast?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Bravus, May 20, 2012.

  1. While living in Brisbane I've been using, and very happy with, Express Motorcycles in West Ipswich, but I'm moving to Labrador in the northern Gold Coast this week, and it'll be a bit out of my way.

    The Bandit is pretty reliable, so it ends up just being regular major and minor services. Anyone used someone they're happy with?
  2. I have just got my first bike, and am also looking for any recommendations regarding bike mechanics.

    Anywhere on the coast would be fine, but if it was near Robina, Mermaid or Bundall that would be great.
  3. I'm on the coast, but only use Ducati Gold Coast so not much help there. Cruise up Lawrence Drive, Nerang, you are bound to find one there!
  4. Bike tech at Lawrence drive great guys there really easy to deal with and do a good job.
  5. I can recommend Gold Coast Motorcycle and Tyre in Mermaid Beach. Older guys very experienced, and they truly believe in word of mouth and repeat business, as opposed to screwing as much money out of one job as possible.
    In fact, they generally come up with ways to reduce the expected/quoted cost.
    I can't speak highly enough about them and everyone I know has the same experience.
    Located behind In street behind Bob Jane T Mart off Gold Coast Highway.
    Having said that, I am hoping to find a Triumph Hinckley Triple specialist mechanic.
    Any Thunderbird owners out there with a tip?
    I may go to Mermaid Beach guys, but I am looking at a rebuilt 900 triple, and I will need a genuine expert to tell me if I am buying into trouble, or a near new motor. That triple has such an unusual sound, I just can't tell!
  6. This is an old thread but I may as well add my two cents worth. Google "Mobicycle". Excellent service.