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Good bike mechanic in WA?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Pommie, Apr 1, 2008.

  1. G'day guys,

    Moved to Perth for a temporary posting about 6 months ago, I need to get another service done on my CBR250R before putting it in for the re-registration inspection on Thursday.

    The RAAF base here is located in Bullsbrook, I tried calling Honda motorbikes in Midlands, but apparently he's got 2 weeks of work backlogged at the mo!

    I thought I'd try you guys, see where the WA locals take their bikes to be serviced. Any recommendations?

  2. I had repairs to my GPz done at Malaga Road & Race Motorcycle Engineering, 73 Holder Way, Malaga Tel. 9249 4520

    If you only need a service, you can do most of the work yourself and leave the stuff you're not confident with to the dealer.
  3. Personally, I wouldn't let a WA "professional" come within 50 m of any vehicle I owned.

    If you find a competent one, you're very lucky indeed.
  4. PatB, care to share your experiences? Obviously you've had a bad experience out here...

    In Newcastle I found a guy who seemed to be pretty good, friendly also, and would help out with small things for free.

    My only issue here is I'd like to get the bike checked out before my re-registration inspection, just too make sure there's not major problems that I might get pinged on for and refused.

    Im having a look at West Coast Honda now in Joondalup.
  5. I have to admit to little direct experience in the bike field apart from the recent occasion when a new (to me) tyre supplier took three goes to put a rear tyre on the right way round, tried to give me a load of bullshit about the old tyre being the wrong way round and completely failed to do the wheel balance that I'd paid for :evil: . Back to Tyres for Bikes in Vic Park for me, where they remounted it and balanced it properly for a nominal sum.

    However, I did work for several years in a capacity that brought me into contact with a huge variety of vehicles that had been in the hands of "professionals". The average standard of workmanship on cars, trucks and bikes was of about the level that I achieved as an untrained 14 year old. The difference being that, as an untrained 14 year old, I never charged complete strangers $75 an hour to f*ck up their vehicles or endanger their lives.

    As a result, I've got a pretty jaundiced view of the WA motor trade. Don't even get me started on the morons who've worked on the wife's HiLux. Toyota dealership too, but irrelevant here as it's not a bike.

    To be fair, there were exceptions. Trouble is, they were so rare that I'd figure my chances of finding them at random as pretty close to zero.

    The fact that the Honda Shop at Midland has a two week waiting list, I'd take as a good sign. You might do well to put up with the wait. Alternatively, you could just keep the oil and filter changed (the most important aspect of servicing a modern bike) and let the rest wait until you're back in the Eastern States where your choice of mechanics is less limited.
  6. I see PatB, thanks for that mate, good bit of info there.

    I think I'll have to see what West Coast Honda say, if they can't fit me in, will have to book with Midlands Honda.

    Thanks again.