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Good bike for riding "2 up"

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Noticibly F.A.T, Mar 1, 2008.

  1. Hey all. I know its a while till i get off my restrictions (going for my fulls week after next), but my missus is naggin me to take her for a ride, and frankly, i dislike her nagging.....


    Soooo, i'm wondering what a good bike will be to get when i get off my restrictions. I'm a big bloke, 6ft 2 and 125kgs, and she is 5"11, and average build (no idea what she weighs)

    Commute is 30 mins @ 100km/h for me, but that could change to 1.5 hrs @ 100km/h, so need a bike that will be comfortable for me as a start.

    Then, i want a bike that will be able to take her as a pillon no problems, with her feeling comfortable too. She wouldn't be on for very long. Usually just commute between our places, or go out for the night, so like 30mins or so.

    I'm thinking, because of the weight, we will need to be looking from about a 750 upwards. I'd love a bike with a bit of poke :)

    Its a big jump from a 250 to a litre bike, i can imagine! But, i'm a pretty resoponsible guy.

    Thirdly, if i could, i'd love a sports bike. Here is a list of bikes i've been thinking about. Do you think they make good "2 up" bikes?

    gixxer 1000 (i love the mid 90's models. Look so good!)
    Triumph ST sprint (my mate has one, and they look hot!)
    ZX9R (Have never really looked at one closely though)

    Ideally, i'll be wanting to spend about 6 - 7 grand on this bike.

    Any ideas, thoughts, or suggestions are GREATLY appreciated.
  2. The gixxer thousand is probably gonna be a scarily and inadvisably large first step up from a 250, IMO. (You'll get others here who'll disagree.) Plus it's not going to be that comfortable for either you or a pillion for a long daily commute, even the older ones.

    The ZX9R is likely to be much better for what you want. The older VTR1000F Firestorms are probably also decent, though have less of a pillion seat.

    Have you seen the totally sweet ZX9R being advertised for $5500 in Bikes for Sale here? (I'm not the advertiser, just a guy who wishes he could buy it).
  3. Yes, i have seen it. I had a dream about it too... :)

    Haha, right now i'm just looking for some suggestions, not really ready to buy (cause i don't get my p's till week after next (even though i'm on full car lic, so no plates :) )

    Does the ZX9R make a good commute/2up bike?
  4. I am a V twin fan, so I'd recommend looking for something along those lines. VTR, TL or maybe a TRX if the bugets tight. Plenty of low down torque, which makes two up riding more enjoyable.
  5. I'm most definately NOT a v-twin fan. I don't like the sv650/vtr style of bikes.... Not my cup of tea. I'm a sports bike kinda-guy :)
  6. No problems, horses for courses.

    I wouldn't say V twins aren't sports bikes though. Argueably the best sports bike at the moment and most successful superbike racers are V twins... Most people have a prejudice when it comes to Ducati's, but the reality is as a long term owner and enthusiats, IMHO once you ride one you'll wonder why you wasted your time.
  7. only because everyone you ever say that to argues with you, 'cause you're wrong ;)
  8. I know this is a huge jump, but from a pillions perspective, I highly recommend a Busa.
  9. 1.5 hrs at 100 km/h, big bloke, pillion, reliable as an anvil, lots of change out of $7k (or buy an '00 up model). Cheap to run and maintain should be in your list too for that many kms.
    The 1.5 hr commute part knocks anything too sporty on the head as far as I am concerned.
    My answer:


    Regards, Andrew.
  10. You ever owned one? Thought so... :wink: :wink:

    Motorcycling is a journey of discovery, those that are willing can reach enlightenment. :idea:

    A friend of the family, said that he'd never ride one, when he was riding 250's. First year he does, he wins the MOTOGP world championship.
  11. um yes, a couple in fact...
  12. Any full-on sports bike can be made to be comfortable for the rider for distance with a Corbin seat, and bar risers, for around $500 all up if buying new parts. As for the pillion, you only make your pillion go on long trips on the back of a sports bike if you hate them,
  13. +1
    and for the ladies, be careful when you select your undergarments. i'm told that after 45mins or so, a G-string starts "cutting you in fcuking half" - my wife, eden NR trip 07.
  14. Get a big single. Your girl will love you for it. :LOL:
  15. hmmmm, i could dust the cobwebs off the xt500 (silver bullet tank - old school :cool: ) it thumps!
  16.  Top
  17. ^^
    =P~ =P~
    that would haul arse, for what it is, i reckon!
    and yep, she's just about identical to that. even has the yamaha OEM ankle-breaker kick-back-kick-start when hot :cool:
  18. I guess the other thing to say is that sportsbikes got sportier and less pillion-friendly over time, so if you're buying something mid-90s or so it's likely to work better for your purposes than something new (assuming it's low ks and good condition).
  19. we're all talking way in the future, you will probably change your mind on what type of bike you want by then.

    but since i love fantasising about bikes ill get when im off my restrictions...

    how about a bigger zzr 1100 or something, look comfy and have plenty of poke