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good bike for pillion

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by junny22, Oct 6, 2006.

  1. hi all,
    just wanted to get a few opinions on a what sports bikes are comfortable for pillion passengers on long and short trips?
    its upgrade time and i want a sports road bike that is comfortable for the mrs if we go on long cruises or just down to the shops but also still looks damn sexy when im ridin on my own.
    was thinkin of the vfr800 or cbr600fi maybe.
    any opinions?

  2. sports bikes arent comfortable for pillions :p

    i found the vfrthou more comfortable than the cbr600 if that helps at all?
    get your missus to come with you to sit on bikes lol
  3. try a honda goldwing. for the pillion it has a tv/dvd, ice box, radio, beverage holder,........ oh gosh the list goes on.
  4. lol... hey babe, guess what we're doin today? we're goin BIKE SITTING. hmm..... cant imagine she'd go for the idea :p
  5. Actually, this might sound strange, but the GSXR-1000 was voted 2nd best pillion bike out of a bunch of class winners in a recent English magazine test I read, "Two". They had 4 pillion riders giving rankings for comfort and seating position and so on. The other bikes in the test were a Sprint ST (1st), Z750, CBR600RR (last place), Speed Triple, ZRX1200, BMW 1200GS and a V-Rod just to give you an idea.
  6. Hi jbray, any chance you could post the complete list?
  7. cbr1000f - but i am heavily biased.

    it does have a monster seat and not very taxing on your behind on a long ride. :grin:
  8. The Sprint ST is a very good pillion bike, not up to the heavy tourers but better than most other sports tourers.

    It isn't a full on sports bike, but it's still capable of travelling very very quickly in the right hands :)
  9. I got the blackbird cause it is a great bike for a pillion. Pretty big seat for them, a big grab rail and you barely notice they are there it has so much power.

    It's also really fast :)

    Taking a pillion was a big factor in my decision, and I first thought the VFR would be the way to go. After reading a lot of opinions, it seemed like the 'bird is a bit like a 1100cc VFR without VTEC and costs about the same or less. I'm really happy with it.

  10. Check these two links out, snippets of the article. That list was the whole list of bikes on test (it was "class winners" they were testing, to see which was the overall winner - guess which one, won?!) It's definitely not anywhere near complete or exhaustive for any of the tests, just for their particular test criteria. But it was interesting that they found it to be comfortable though as a pillion bike.

  11. 'SPORT' bike NO, sport tourer Yes, go the VFR 800 :)